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I am always looking for an alternative to the pony tail for those not-so-lovely hair days. (Usually on the second day in between washings) These two starlets are both rocking an un-done fishtail that cascades down one side. I like the look because it is casual and easy, but it still looks like effort was put into the style.

How to get this look:

1- Start by adding some dry shampoo to the scalp to soak up some oil and give a better texture to the roots. My favorite is Oscar Blandi Pronto powder also available at Sephora and Ulta beauty supply.

2- Adding some height to the crown by teasing the roots using a fine tooth comb. Remember 'un-done' doesn't mean messy or frizzy so be frugal on the tease ladies!

3- Gather the hair at the nape on one side- usually the side opposite of your part looks best and most balanced

4- Get fishy! If you don't know how to fishtail braid check out this video

5- Finally you need to rough up your handy work... pull and separate the braid to loosen the look. You can also use a shammy cloth to rub out natural looking fly-away pieces, and tease the ends upwards to add texture at the bottom.

6- Loosen some strands around your face and finish with a light spray to hold the look- WAA LAA!

Hope you'll try this at home-

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