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If there is one thing that makes the salon experience heaven on earth... it's the shampoo massage at the bowl. (even I can't deny that!) BUT the next best thing is a professional blowdry that leaves your hair bouncy and smooth for days.
To get the same results at home, you need to grow an extra pair of arms-

Since that may not be an option, let's look at the 7 ways you can become a blowdry ninja at home.

1- It starts in the shower. Make sure your hair is clean by shampooing twice at the scalp only. The rest of the hair will get clean by default, so focus on the roots and really get in there and loosen the scalp. Clean hair is bouncy hair! Next finish with conditioner on the mid-shaft to ends- avoid the scalp and focus on the dry/damaged areas.

2- Next up- the towel. I recommend a cotton turkish towel versus your traditional terry cloth version. A pure cotton will absorb just as much water and the smoother texture won't roughen up the cuticle of your hair as much, making less work for you when styling. Leave the towel on for 10 minutes while you get dressed etc followed by 10 minutes of air dry time.

3- Apply the proper styling products- follow my prescription for the correct order here

4- Blow out the curliest parts of your hair first- this usually includes the bangs, temple area, and nape of the neck. These places that have more wave will need to be bone dry to maintain their shape without reverting back to curl or frizz. Section off a circle around the crown of your head (imagine placing a cereal bowl on your head- the hair under the bowl should be clipped out of the way, and the outer circle is left down), using the nozzle on your dryer blow in a downward (meaning with the direction of the cuticle) air stream. Work through the remaining sections finishing with the crown for the most volume.

5- Use the correct brush. If you have lots of curl or frizz you need a round brush with stiff natural bristles that will give plenty of tension on the hair as you pull it through. The larger the diameter the straighter the finished style will be- smaller barrels will give more curl or flip to the look. If your hair is mostly straight you can work with a flat paddle/cushion brush or a round brush depending on your preference. Remember you want tension, but not breakage so be sure your hair is tangle free first.

6- Again, focus on the roots. The key to a style that lasts and has volume is all in the roots. Make sure they are bone dry before moving on to the next section. The ends will dry by default since they are whipping around in the wind and they let go of moisture much more quickly. Come back to the ends to smooth and direct them only after the roots are finished. You can set the roots at the crown for volume on top by leaving the round brush in at the roots for a few minutes while the hair cools- or blast it with cool air for about 30 seconds.

7- Use the wrapping technique. Think of your head as an ironing board that you can lay your hair against as you brush and flatten the hair on. The best way to do this is to over-direct the hair in the opposite direction than it naturally lays, and smooth the brush over it while blowing the air. For example, take the hair by your right ear and wrap it up and over the top of your head- now you have a surface to press the brush against while you brush. Make sense? You've probably done this before without even knowing it, when you flip your head upside down and brush the underside of your hair towards the crown of your head while drying.

Finish with a quick curl or flat iron, but hopefully you won't need much more work after following the above procedure. And of course keep your look fresh by applying dry shampoo on day two.

I hope these kung-foo tricks help you achieve your perfect blowout at home!
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