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One of the most often-asked questions I get as a hair stylist is; 'What do you think about bangs?' This is usually followed by- 'I am scared'... 'not sure' and... 'I haven't had bangs since I was a child'. 

If you have ever wondered about bangs (or fringe, as some called it) then take a minute to study my bang curriculum, Bangs 101.

Who is a good candidate for bangs?

- Someone who enjoys styling their hair and often spends upwards of 20 minutes on their style daily.

-Someone who is free from major cowlicks on the hairline and who has at least 3 fingers widths (horizontally) between the eyebrows and hairline

-Someone with straight to slightly wavy hair that can quite easily be straightened

-Someone who has normal to heavy density hair and good scalp coverage

-Some who gets regular haircuts about every 6 weeks

Who is a bad candidate for bangs?

-Someone who only washes their hair 1-2 days per week and does not spend more than 20 minutes per day styling.

-Someone with strong cowlicks, a deep widows peak, or a strong natural parting at the hairline

-Someone with a very 'short' forehead; less than 3 finger widths between hairline and eyebrows

-Someone with very curly hair

-Someone with very fine density hair where the scalp is visible

-Someone who only gets haircuts 1-2 times per year

What type of bang is best for my face shape?

While there is variation with each candidate, consider the following guidelines:

Square face - side swept with soft texture at ends, with a rounder finish shape

Round face - light piecey bang that splits to both sides above one eyebrow

Longer face- full fringe with a blunter texture on perimeter over eyebrows

Things to remember:

*Your haircut should help dictate the type of bangs you have- for example; a long-layered bouncy style would not pair well with a choppy piecey bang. They aren't cohesive and it looks like two styles fighting each other. Stick with a cohesive theme

*Work with your natural partings and growth patterns. Trying to fight them only leads to frustration so embrace your hairs' natural tendencies and pick a bang style that is complimentary

*Bangs should be blown dry first when styling so they don't have a chance to go wayward

*Avoid using too much styling product on bangs- they will fall flat and look greasy by midday

*Avoid touching your bangs with your hands throughout the day- again greasy is not good

*Schedule a bang trim halfway in between your haircut appointments. Most salons offer a free bang trim and you'll avoid cutting them yourself if you know you've got an upcoming appointment already on the books

*Be sure you are committed before you take the plunge- growing out bangs can be tedious, so be sure it's a look you want to wear for at least 6 months

Class dismissed!

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