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There comes a time in every woman's life where she just feels 'blah'. You know what I'm talking about; you're bored with your look but you're not ready to make a major change. Well here are a few ways to update your hairstyle without a trip to the salon. Step away from the scissors!

Switch up your part line
Seems too simple to be true, but this is one of the most effective ways to update your style. For proof check out my post on partings. If you don't have major cowlicks or a widows peak try a center part. It will open up your face and make your eyes a standout feature. Just be sure you give yourself lots of volume in the crown so you don't look too 70's. If you wear a side part, try flipping it to the other side. This often causes the hair to fall more forward onto the face giving a swoopy-bang effect across the forehead. Or try an ubber-exaggerated side part just a few inches above one ear. This looks great with a low sleek ponytail and feels much more 'formal'.

Roll the opposite direction 
If you normally wear your hair curled under- do an 'about face' and roll your hair outward. By simply rolling your round brush in the opposite direction, you'll get drastically different results. Your layers will lie differently and you may look like you have a completely new haircut. And of course, if you already wear your hair flipped outward- switch to an under roll for a softer bouncy look. Same goes for your curling iron looks... Wrap the hair around your iron away from the face to get a beachy look, and wrap hair towards the face for a vintage wave look.

Wear your natural texture
It may have been some time since you let your hair air-dry or even used a diffuser to enhance your natural curl. But there is no time like the present to start embracing a less-fuss look. Luckily for you, a more 'natural' look is in style these days, and people are no longer trying to straighten their hair into oblivion. Try a soft wearing curl cream, (I love PUREOLOGY Illuminating Curl) and twist your hair away from the face in 2-inch sections. Then it's HANDS OFF! Let the hair air dry and embrace your natural curl.

Bust out the old hot rollers 
You remember those old things right? It's time to re-visit the hot roller but in an updated way of course. For a beachy wave, use 1.5-2 inch rollers. (These are my fave Remington T Studio Ceramic Pearl Rollers) Place the roller in at the scalp and wrap a 2 inch section of hair around the outside of the roller. Hold the ends firm while wrapping, which will cause the strand to twist as you go. (Instead of the traditional roll where you place the roller at the ends and roll up towards the scalp.) Let the curl set and release, finger through the waves and finish with a setting spray.

Opt for an updo
If you are a pony-tail kind of girl, try dressing up your locks by adding a braid or a twist. There is lots of inspiration on our pinterest board here. Or make it sleek and go for a polished wet-look pony by smoothing strands with a boar-bristle brush and finishing with lots of lacquer. Try a side style like a loose messy fishtail braid or a low side-chignon (fancy french work for bun) Side styles look more polished than a traditional center style, but they add more interest and are super easy to do.

Give these tips a try and get yourself out of that hair rut!

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