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You've probably got a drawer full of them, or used one in a pickle to tame an unruly ponytail... But you may not know the BEST ways to use the bobby pin.

As a hair stylist I cannot say enough about my love for bobby pins- they really are a stylist's best friend! So here are my best tips for using them:

Always use a 'bobby buddy'...
Single pins aren't usually strong enough to give a secure hold. By simply adding a second pin next to the first, running in the opposite direction, or criss-crossing the two pins- you'll more than double the staying power

Tacky pins hold fine hair better...
Add a spritz of hair spray to the pin before inserting it into the hair. This gives a little extra grip to the pin and works great on super fine hair where pins tend to slide out of position. Simply lay a few pins out on a paper towel with the side of the pin facing up. Using an aerosol hairspray, give a few spritzes to the pins and then let them dry to a tacky finish. Presto!

Change the way you insert your pins...
When holding a braid or twist in place most people insert pins perpendicular to the direction the hair strand is running and lay the pin across the braid or twist. This will work temporarily but after time the pin will slip. By running the pin parallel with the braid you'll get a tight hold that lasts all day. Simply straddle the pin prongs over the braid and then angle forward and push the prongs back up through the center of the braid length wise. The pin will disappear into the design and you'll get a secure hold with one pin.

Secure large sections with the pin turned on its' side...
If you are securing a large bun or twist; open the pin prongs wide, turn the pin on it's side and insert at the base of the bun. As you push forward, angle the pin down towards the head so you'll incorporate some of the hair at the scalp. This method is similar to using hair pins, but the bobby pin is thicker and stronger which will give a tighter hold. Repeat this step using a second pin at angle so the to pins criss-cross and give a secure hold.

When experimenting with different size pins, you'll really find what works for your desired results. The golden rule is less is more- so always use as few pins as possible to get a secure hold. Too many pins will most likely give you a headache. And of course in these photos I used contrasting pins, but you'll want to pick pins that are a close match to your hair color.

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