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Five years ago if you had told me hair oil would be a staple in every women's arsenal  I probably would have laughed. The words 'hair' and 'oil' together in one sentence sounded terrifying to me and my clients... but fast-forward to 2013 and every major hair brand in America has added an oil to its' line. And I happily eat my words, I am now the biggest fan.

I like to think I have tried every oil out there (one of the perks of my job is getting my hands on samples of all kinds) But when it comes to my own hair and my clients- I only recommend the best. 
So here are my favorites:

1- MoroccanOil Treatment Oil
This is the first oil I ever sampled at a hair expo in Vegas in 2006- back when the brand was a virtual unknown and the very FIRST in the industry. The scent is enough to take you away to a warm beachy location, and the texture is simple silk. The great thing about MoroccanOil is that it doesn't ever look oily- it absorbs into the hair and leaves it frizz free and shiny. It also comes in a Light version which I recommend to my blonde or fine hair clients. My favorite tip with MoroccanOil is adding into my color formulas before I apply them to clients hair. It actually gives an extra pop of color (by slightly diluting it so it appears a little brighter than a full pigment) and it infuses the argan oil right into the hair shaft. If your stylist uses MoroccanOil- ask her to add a couple pumps into your color formula, you'll thank me later! At salons only- Learn more here 

2- Bamboo Kendi Dry Oil Mist- by Alterna
This oil is the only one I prefer that is in a spray form- the reason why is because it is one of the finest mists I have ever seen. This way, you are sure to protect yourself from spraying too much oil, which ends up looking greasy not shiny. Apply the Kendi Oil to dry hair after it's been flat ironed or curled by misting only the ends (always avoid the scalp). You only need a few squirts and you'll see instant shine.  One bottle will last months, if not a year- so enjoy the results and the pleasant smell and wait for the 'shiny-hair' comments to come rolling in. Purchase here

3- Ojon Damage Reverse
Great for split end repair, Ojon oil should really only be applied to the last 2-3 inches of your hair. It is a very thin formula, but it can have an oily appearance if you use too much. Use the dropper to disperse a  dime-size amount to the palm of your hand, then rub it together with your other palm and heat the oil up nice and warm. Next, on damp hair, rake your fingers through the ends of hair (I flip my head upside down to apply to the underside of my hair first) and continue to style as normal. Purchase here

4- Pureology Precious Oil
I recommend Precious Oil for my curly, corse and thick hair clients because it is the heaviest of the oil formulas I have used. It has a warm scent and spreads easily throughout the hair. A small pea-sized amount will usually do the trick, and if you are worried about the weight of the oil, it works great to add a drop of water to dilute it slightly. I also have great success keeping this oil in the shower and simply adding a pump or two to my conditioner when my hair is feeling extra dry or static. At salons only- Learn more here

Do you have a favorite oil I should try? Let me know-

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