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One of the easiest and fastest ways to make your hair style look new is to simply change the part! I cannot tell you how many times I have had a client sit in my chair and show me a picture of a hairstyle they love... only to have me say 'you already have this cut, you just aren't parting your hair in the right place!' It really is such a simple change and anyone can do it at home. *If you have an extreme cowlick or widows peak you may not be able to rock all three looks, but with some training your hair growth pattern can change.

Take a good look at the images above- notice how drastically different my face looks in each one, simply by switching the parting. My curls, makeup, and clothes did not switch, but my look is altered for sure. Pretty amazing right?

Now it's your turn- Here are the steps:

1- As soon as you've stepped out of the shower and towel dried your hair, apply your styling products in this order and start combing to get the hair going in the direction you want it to stay (especially important with the extreme side part, otherwise you'll end up with hair in your face all day).

2- Once your all parted off, use your blow dryer and blast the parting with heat to start the drying process and lock in the parting.

3- If your hair is resistant to the change use an alligator clip to hold the parting in place while you finish getting ready and the hair fully cools.

4- Finish with a touch of spray to give hold, and then it's hands off! Touching throughout the day may be a temptation because it feels different- but refrain from touching to keep hair from getting greasy or breaking down the hold of the hairspray.

*Bonus Tip- the first few times you try and wear a new part, you may be faced with a rebellious piece or two. Carry a Goody bobby pin in your purse just in case, and try again the next time you wash. Hair training takes time, but stick with it and you'll be able to wear any look.

Which part it your favorite? Let me know and thanks for following along! For more fun join me on instagram @beautysnoop

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