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Jennifer Aniston has been known for her gorgeous locks just as much as for her comedic acting, and I have been a fan of both for as long as I can remember. I patterned my 90's haircuts after hers along with thousands of other women, trying to have a little piece of the Rachel look. Today, Jennifer is the co-owner of the Living Proof brand of hair care products, and I couldn't be happier about this partnership. I am a big fan of the line, and I know that Jen will bring an extra spotlight to it- so that more women can experience the amazing results that I have. If I have to pick one product to recommend it's the Prime Style Extender. And here's why: 

I am a big advocate of washing hair as little as possible (within healthy reason of course) Especially as a colorist I know the damage that water and detergent can have on hair. So whenever I hear about a product that can make non-washing more plausible for more people, I get excited about it. I received this one as a sample from Sephora a few months back, and after the first use I was sold. I have been purchasing the full size bottle ($20) ever since- and have recommended it to clients and friends. Here are my findings-

Living Proof Prime Style Extender offers a unique solution to extending the life of your hair style. It is a weightless cream that claims to weather-proof and speed up the time it takes for you to style hair.

Why you'll love it:
- Fresh scent *Aaamazing scent actually
- Light weight cream
- Smooth texture spreads easily
- Gives a smooth finish to your style
- Extends style additional one+ days
- Fights frizz from humidity

The down side:
- Can be slightly drying on fine or damaged hair

The Snoop investigators have all been pleased with the results offered by Prime Style Extender. It is a product that layers well with other styling aids and provides a great base for heat styling. We were especially pleased with the results it offered to those who have a keratin straightening treatment on their hair such as Brazilian Blowout. Simply apply a nickel size dollop to hands and rub them together to heat the product through. Next finger through the lengths of hair first and finish with a light application at the roots. Apply additional styling products and style as usual. I found that my curls lasted an additional day, I just added my fave dry shampoo and I was good to go in the morning.

Snoop Score: 5 Stars
Available for purchase at Sephora

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