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When I am up to my eyeballs in stress, my favorite way to unwind is to book a facial at a relaxing spa. (If your a Utah local, comment below and I'll give you my recommended spa list) There is just something magical about a clean face- and not just any clean, I am talking exfoliated, toned, and squeaky clean! My makeup looks better, and I always feel a little more radient.

When I can't make it to the spa, I like to turn my bathroom into a make-shift version complete with steam, scrub brushes, and of course MASQUES.

Here is the recipe for my favorite detox masque. I have been asked a lot about mud based detox, but for me mud and clay lead to breakouts, so I avoid them like the plaque.


-Juice of 1/2 of a lemon
-1/2 C. of brewed green tea
-2 egg whites
-2 packets of unflavored gelatine

First, in a microwave safe bowl dissolve the gelatine in the warm green tea and mix thoroughly. Next squeeze the lemon into the mix, [watch those seeds] and give it a good stir.

Pop the bowl into the microwave for 20 seconds to dissolve the gelatine.

Let the mixture cool down for a few minutes, and then finally add the egg whites. Be sure to add the eggs only AFTER the microwave to avoid a scrambled mess.

At this point, I prefer to put the bowl in the fridge for a few minutes- to make sure the masque is cool enough to put on your face. It should not be hot at all- room temp or cooler.

Next, lean over the sink and slather that baby on a clean dry face. Be generous here- you want a thick coating to aid in the peeling process. Avoid the eyes and lips of course.

After about three minutes, add a second generous layer.

Let the masque harden and dry about 30 minutes- it will feel tight on your face.

Now the fun part! Start peeling away and discard the masque as it comes off.

Use a warm wet wash cloth to remove any remaining residue, and then finish with your favorite serum or lightweight moisturizer.

*You may be a little red after peeling, so I suggest you do this at night and not right before any major events.

Your skin will feel tighter, brighter, and squeaky clean- just the way we like it!
Let me know if you love it too, or any other recipes I need to try. Be sure and sign up for updates too, so you never miss a beat!

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