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Last week I attended a special Blogger Night hosted by Old Navy here at a local Salt Lake store. I have to admit that it has been quite some time since I shopped at Old Navy, so I wasn't quite sure what I would find. Pleasantly, I was very surprised! Old Navy has really stepped up their fashion game- the fabrics are higher quality, the prints were modern, and the silhouettes were better tailored. I walked away with a few fabulous tops, and of course some great hair accessories. Take a look at my picks and some easy ways to wear them with your Spring ensembles. 

Above: Old Navy welcomes Utah bloggers;  me and blog cutie GentriLee on the red carpet;  my accessory score

I couldn't resist these geometric bobby pins- there were a few shapes and colors to pick from, but I went with the hot pink squares. They are eye-catching and add a great pop of color to any hairstyle. I love the juxtaposition of a feminine accessory with a messy hairstyle. In this look I chose a deep side part in my natural messy texture, and tucked the pins right behind the ear. For even more security, cross the pins over each other and the look will hold tight all day.

This jeweled barrette screamed 'vintage' to me. It reminded me of my grandmas' old black and white photographs from the 50's- she was always so chic. For this style I created three victory rolls on the crown, and tucked the jade colored barrette in right below the part. I love wearing these vintage pin-up styles. They are so feminine and flirty- and I secretly feel a kinship to my late grandma when I wear them. Perfect paired with a floral A-line dress and a cat-eye.

I love suede, and any time I can add a suede piece into my wardrobe- I will. This barrette was a no brainer for me, the cobalt blue is perfect for Spring and the braided detail with gold endcaps looks a little equestrian. I pulled my hair into a tight high ponytail, then loosely braided the tail to give it some interest. After securing the bun with a couple bobby pins, I finished the look with the braided barrette at the base of the bun. I wore it on the topside of the bun this time, but I plan to wear it in the back under the bun too. Cute eh?

I haven't worn a comb style accessory since my wedding when I wore a full-length peach color veil. (Pictures you say? Oh yes, but that is for another time.) Comb accessories work well with rolls and twists. When inserted correctly a comb can hold very securely, and is quick and easy to use. For this simple style, I twisted my hair back away from my face, then inserted the comb at the back of the roll with the teeth point in, towards the scalp. As you rotate the comb back flush with your head, the teeth will pick up hair at the scalp. Once the comb lays flat to your head, push the comb forward into the roll until it lines up and can't move forward any further. Waa-laa!

Be sure and check out the great jewelry and accessories at your local Old Navy. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

What are your favorite hair accessories this season? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to sign up to follow my blog by email or bloglovin.

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