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Early on in my career as a hair stylist, I realized that EVERY WOMEN has complaints about their own hair. No body sits down in a salon chair and says, 'well my hair is perfect so I don't need any changes today.' I wouldn't have a job if this happened, but that is besides the point.

Hands down, the number one complaint I hear in the salon is about the lack of volume a lot of women experience with their hair. Rarely- genetics, hormones, and medications can cause limp tresses, but the most common reasons for lack of volume can be fixed with a new routine.

Step one-
Bottom line: dirty hair will never be big on volume. So starting in the shower cleanse your scalp and the first 3-inches of your hair with a clarifying shampoo. These shampoos will loosen dirt, oil, and product at the scalp, but they can also be drying or cause color to fade more quickly. So use them sparingly- about once a week. Do not apply this shampoo to the ends of your hair, and finish with your conditioner on the last 1/3 of your hair, avoiding the roots.

Step two-
Apply your volumizing mousse or root lift throughout the crown of your head. These products can also be a tad drying so keep them isolated to the roots and first 3-inches of your hair. Use a wide tooth comb to disperse the mousse. *This would also be the time to add moisture products, such as argon oil- but only to the ends of the hair where moisture is needed.

Step three-
Blow dry first with your fingers, lifting the hair off the scalp as you apply the heat. If it's too hot for your fingers- it's too hot for your hair. You can also flip your head upside down and blow for a minute or two, just concentrate the air flow on the roots, the ends will dry by default. After the hair is 80% dry use your large ceramic vented round brush to finish the job. Be sure you are using your dryers' heat nozzle to direct the airflow in a more compact stream, and to give the necessary distance between the heat coils and the hair. Continue to lift the hair off the scalp with the brush until it's bone dry.

Step four-
While the hair is still warm after the dryer, wrap sections (the same width as the roller and about 1 inch thick) around large velcro rollers. The 2-inch rollers work for most hair lengths, but you can up the size if you have extra long hair. Place the roller midway up the section of hair, then slide the roller towards the ends so form a tight grip on the velcro before rolling down towards your head. For maximum volume wrap the center section of hair (where a mohawk would be) backwards away from your face. On either side of the mohawk row, you can either wrap the rollers parallel to the floor, or on a diagonal back towards your shoulders. You may need to secure the rollers with a clip if your hair is long or heavy. Curler claw-style clips will leave the hair without indentations.

Step five-
Wait while the rollers cool completely, about 10 minutes is best. This is a great time to put on your makeup etc. After you've cooled remove the rollers and find your part line. You can apply hairspray, but not too much- and clean up the ends with a flatiron if necessary. If you live in a humid place you may want to add a little teasing at the crown to help you maintain your extra lift.

My recommended products for perfect volume:
-MoroccanOil Clarify Shampoo (please enter 'Moore Hair Design' as your salon referral for good karma :)
-Pureology Silk Bodifier Mousse to find retailers
-Sedu Professional Dryer
-Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo- *A Beauty Snoop Favorite
-Velcro Rollers
-Spornette Round Brush- *A Beauty Snoop Favorite

You know what they say: The higher the hair- the closer to God!
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