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I must tell you about a brush I cannot live with out: The Wet Brush

Heard of it? As of lately it is gaining some traction in the beauty world, but I have been a big fan since my early career when I explored the sometimes-scary and often tangled world of hair extensions.  And then after my first daughter was born I fell in love all over again for the relief of the post-bath tears from my little diva.  

Here is my full review below- but if you are already convinced you need this baby, you can grab it here. It's a steal too, under ten bucks so just do it, you'll thank me later.

The Wet Brush by luxorPro is detangling brush designed to remove tangles without tugging on even the
curliest of hair. It may look un-assuming, but here is what our Snoop tests revealed.

Why you'll love it:
-Detangles without pulling or stretching the hair
-Available in loads of colors
-Lightweight but quality plastic
-Thin Flex bristles

The down side:
-Strong rubber smell out of the box

The Wet Brush does not disappoint! I was so happy with the quality and the results. The bristles are very thin in diameter for a paddle type brush, yet they are strong enough to get the job done. The flex of the bristle is spot-on and therefor the tangles really do come right out. I often get dreadlock-type knots at the base of my neck in my long hair, but have no problem removing them every time with The Wet Brush. I also use this brush in the salon with clients on a daily basis. Works great on both wet and dry hair, and is excellent for kids with sensitive scalps.

Snoop Score: 5 Stars
Available for purchase here
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