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I shared this post on Gentri Lee a few weeks ago- but I wanted to be sure you were able to see it because I am really excited about these Spring trends. Be sure and check out Gentri's blog for great style and inspiration.

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Springtime is one of my favorite seasons of the year­ the snow melts, the colors come out, and our energy shifts to a new high. At the salon we see the biggest changes happen during the Spring, clients are ready to evolve with the season. So it’s no surprise that I have been studying up on hair trends that will be on both magazine covers and walking down the street. Let’s take a look at three inspirations you can use to jump start your warm­weather style.
Color Inspiration: The Color Block
Spring's hottest trend in color will be the Color Block­ a close cousin to the ombre color that we all love. The color block features two tones that compliment each other, but you can easily spot the transition from one color to the next because it’s slightly less blended than the traditional ombre. In the photos, Coco opted for a horizontal fade just below her cheekbone from brown into a warm copper color. While Rihanna and Kate chose vertical sections around the face to place their secondary color as an accent. Rihanna’s accent is darker through her bang, while Kate’s accent is lighter just in front of the ears. Both options add interest and dimension. The key with this look is to choose only two colors; pick one as the foundation color, and add the second in ‘blocks’ or panels as the accent color around the face. Gorgeous right?
Style Inspiration: The Roll Up[Do]
While tousled top­knots were all the rage last year, Spring 2013 brings back all things sleek. Low buns and sophisticated ponys will be a staple right along side your new wardrobe. For a fun twist on this look (I love a good pun­ ha), try adding a polished roll to your up style like the ladies pictured here. The roll can be one­sided for a casual daytime look, or try a double­sided roll like Olivia Palermo wore during Fashion Week. You’ll want to invest in some over sized bobby pins that will have the strength to hold the roll in place. And of course finish with a spritz of hairspray and shine mist to really add that finishing touch. For added luxe, add a vintage brooch or pearl hairpin at the base of the roll.
Cut Inspiration: The Shag Bob
In my honest [hair stylist] opinion, the shag bob cut is the most universally flattering cut out there. It works with every hair type and is age appropriate across the board. It works well with or without bangs, it’s great with a center part or a side part, AND it can fall anywhere between the jawline and the shoulders. What more can you ask for? Vanessa, Nicole, and Karlie, pictured here have varied lengths and curls­ but the concept is still the same. The cut should be slightly A­line with longer textured layers. Natural curl and wave add to the undone style, so it’s perfect for warmer weather. Use a moisturizing oil to smooth frizz, then scrunch in a curl creme or mousse to aid in forming your natural curls. Got straight hair? Simply blow dry upside down for some big volume, then wrap surface pieces around a 2 inch curling iron to create tousled waves.

Which look inspires you? Are you going to make a big hair change this season? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to follow along on facebook and instagram- @beautysnoop

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