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As if you needed another reason to add a cute bow to your wardrobe this season! But if you need a little extra boost of inspiration this post will get you there. I love that hair bows are making a comeback. They are fun, playful, and feminine- and they can take any hairstyle to the next level. Below are a few ways that I like to wear bows... but the options are limitless. This black and white bow is great because it goes with literally everything and gets a lot of attention when I wear it out and about. 

An over-the-shoulder fishtail braid is the best way to display your bow infront. I like to leave a longer tail unbraided, so that the bow sits high on your collarbone, it is the most stable there and won't swing around and drive you crazy. (Yes I have purple roots- I call them 'pop roots' my own take on ombre color. They really do POP in bright sunlight!)

If you love a messy top-knot like I do, then the below-the-bun bow is a no-brainer option for you. Just wrap your bun like usual on the top of your head, then secure the bow right in at the base. Easy and tres chic!

When a casual style is what your looking for, go for an easy half-up do like this one. Wrap two wide strands near your face back around to the center of your head. I always twist the two strands together to plump up the section that the clip is secured to, it gives it extra hold and helps it avoid slipping down throughout the day. 
For a more formal bow look, great for the office or a date-night, I wear a low pony leaving a couple strands around my face for interest. Drape the pony over your shoulder or wear it straight down the back- both ways are elegant. (see the next pic for a back view of this look)

I love the look of this classic pony- I added a double twist for extra pizazz.  To start gather your hair in a low pony and secure a band about two inches below the hairline. Next split the hair above the elastic vertically into two sections. take the elastic and roll it up towards head and loop it through the opening in between the sections you created. Pull it all the way through the hole, and you've created two twists on both sides. Tighten the elastic by tugging on the pony and you are all set! Place the blow at the base of the twists for a finished look. 
Cute eh?

Let me know how you are wearing your hair bows in the comments below, and shop some of my picks too! Also, please sign up to follow me via email in the left sidebar so we can always keep in touch.

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