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Today's StyleWise lesson is all about achieving vintage waves using a Reverse Wand from Nume. The reverse wand is a great tool for this look because it works so well with my combo wrap technique (check the image below for details) which gives a smooth crown and then a twisted spiral throughout the lengths of your hair. Watch the tutorial here so you can create this look at home too.

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I have used almost every brand of curling iron out there- it is one of the great perks of being a hair stylist. But, I honestly have been so impressed with this Nume wand. It heats up so quickly and my hair takes and keeps curl better than with my other wands. I have also purchased the Titan 3 interchangeable barrel set and use it on my own hair daily. 

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In the pic you'll find my Curl Wrap Techniques, which shows the different methods for wrapping and the types of curls that will result. I encourage you to experiment with both the size of the section you wrap and the wrapping technique to find the curl pattern that is right for you.  Got questions? Just ask!

Happy Curling!

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