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Confession: I have a strange fascination with blackheads... It started when I was a teenager, and was exacerbated when I attended cosmetology school and began studying skincare. I can spend a ridiculous amount of time looking in the mirror searching for these little buggers, and although I firmly believe that picking at your skin is about the worst thing you can do- I do admit that blackheads cause my crazy to come out!

And to that end, I am always on the lookout for products that target and treat blackheads. Enter: GLAMGLOW Super-Mud Clearing Treatment I had heard about this stuff several months ago, but was hesitant to purchase because the $69 price tag struck me as a little pricey for a mud mask. But after further consideration and research I took the plunge. Glam Glow uses 6 different acids including gylcolic and lactic acids which have always given me great results, plus a charcoal formula which absorbes toxins and oils. It has a black licorice smell to it, that I quite like, and unlike other muds I have tried, doesn't leave your skin tight or dehydrated. But, the proof is in the pudding, so feast your eyes on this...

Pretty disgusting and fascinating at the same time, right? I took my own pictures- but honestly I felt like it was TMI, so I borrowed this one from GlamGlows' website. But let me tell you- this image has not been doctored, my nose looks just like this every time I do a treatment. As the mud dries dark spots appear over your blackheads where the charcoal is working to absorb the sebum (oil) from your pores. After about 20 minutes, wash the mask off and the oil goes right with it. I have found that after I have removed the mask my pores are noticeably smaller, and the best part is that any remaining buildup easily slides right out with a small amount of pressure. The mask can be used safely on your whole face or you can just spot treat where needed. Right now, I am using this about once a week, and have noticed that my makeup stays on better in areas that tend to be oil-slicky, specifically my nose and in the center of my forehead. What do you think? Are you excited to try this stuff?

The pros far outweigh the cons on this one, really the only downside for me is the price is steep. But use it wisely and you'll be glad you added this stuff to your regimen. 

Snoop Score: 4 Stars
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