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By now you've heard about Gel Nails and the amazing benefits they have over traditional polish: quick application, instant dry time, and longevity just to name a few. But I wanted a little more detail on gel nails, so I went to Michelle Hawkins, the founder of a new concept Glamour Gels to get the inside scoop on gels and what you need to know.  

* * *

Megan: What are gel nails for those who are new to the concept?

Michelle: Gel polish is applied to the nail in the same way traditional polish is applied- but gel polish is designed to be cured under a UV lamp, which hardens and dries the polish in about 2 minutes. The result is a glass-like finish that lasts much longer without chipping, lifting or peeling. 

Megan: What is the maintenance on gel nails?

Michelle: Gels are very low maintainace, which is why we fell in love with the concept in the first place. We wash dishes, do laundry, and bathe children. We wanted to develop a durable product that keeps our nails looking glamorous all the time. The application from start to finish takes less than 30 minutes, after that the natural nail continues to grow- and once the color has grown out beyond your liking you simply remove the gel using a gel polish soak off remover. It is important to properly remove gels polish; peeling the gel off will remove surface layers of your natural nails and could cause damage. 

Megan: What is the difference between Glamour Gels and some of the gel nails you can find in the grocery store or nail salons?

Michelle: Glamour Gels are different because our gels last much longer than other brands. In fact, we guarantee our nails for THREE weeks! If they break, lift, or chip, we will fix them for free! We have literally hundreds of color combinations and the hottest colors and nail art in the industry. Including glitter accents and stamp patterns that are applied with a screen printing process. 

Megan: What about our readers who don't live near a Glamour Gels location?

Michelle: There are so many ways to be involved with Glamour Gels. We have a kiosk at the Fashion Place Mall in Murray, UT. At the kiosk, you can get your nails done by a specialist, or buy a Glamour Gels Home Kit. We also offer Glamour Gels Home Parties. It’s the perfect excuse for a Girls Night Out! Glamour Gels also provides a lucrative business opportunity. So many women are fabulous at doing nails, but they lack business experience. We offer a “Business in a Box.” We have professional marketing to help women grow their Glamour Gels business—business cards, websites, social media, brochures, signs—everything you need to start a professional business. You can also earn cash, trips, prizes, and free product just for sharing the secret of Glamour Gels!

* * *

I hope you guys have fallen in love with gel nails like I have! As a hairstylist I have never been able to wear polish on my fingers, because it chips within hours of going to work where my hands are in water and chemicals. But that is not the case with Glamour Gels- it is an industry changing concept for sure. (those are my mint green nails in the pic above, with the gold glitter accent- cute eh?) Even if you aren't a Utah local, you can do your own glamour gels with a kit, or even starting offering services in your city to others as a business- plus they have plans to expand nation wide, so keep an eye out for that! 

Glamour Gels is kind enough to giveaway some amazing prizes to my readers. Five Utah winners will receive a free mani or pedi at the Fashion Place location, and one national winner will get a free home-kit worth $200! Say Whaaa!?! Enter one or both below using the rafflecopter entry below, for each step you complete you'll get an additional entry. You don't have to complete every step- but I hand picked these other blogs for you to follow, so I think you'll be happy if you do. Good luck !

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