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This is a trend you either love or hate- but either way, expect to see more orange hues during Summer 2013. You can take this look two ways; subtle by wearing a hint of peach in your cheeks or lips. Or go bold with a pop of neon on your lips or eyelids.

If you are fair skinned or have lots of pink tones in your skin, choose shades that have a copper base or more of a nude-orange. But if you have tan or olive skin you can punch up the color with more pigment like neons and corals.

Both looks can be very flattering, and a fun addition to your makeup bag this Summer.  Just remember the rule of one: focus on one area, either the lips or eyes- but not both.

MAC is really jumping on the orange makeup bandwagon- so you are sure to find something that ignites your tangerine spark. But above you'll find my fav shades from their orange collection- the lipstick is my go to, but I am experimenting with adding orange to my eyes too.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the orange trend? Please share and follow along for more fun on facebook and instagram.
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