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This StyleWise segment will teach you how to get big bouncy roll-type curls for your whole head is just six wraps around your iron! Sounds too good to be true right? You'll love this technique when you are in a rush but still want a curly look. In this video I am using the largest barrel on the Nume iron set. It is a 2inch/32mm diameter wand, and this size works best when you are using large sections of hair. Watch this video to learn how you can get this look at home, and scroll down to view my Curl Wrap Techniques so that you can see the Combo Wrap that I am using to get this look.

Tools and Products to achieve this look:
Nume 32mm Wand- Interchangeable Set
MoroccanOil Treatment (enter 'Moore Hair Design' as your referring salon)
Living Proof Prime Style Extender
The Wet Brush

I hope you enjoy this tutorial! It is my pleasure to share these techniques with you, please be sure to follow along with my blog so I can continue to grow. Join here on facebook or pinterest 

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