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This post opens with an honest statement: 
Whenever I see another celebrity endorsed (or designed) product line, I usually roll my eyes and keep on walking. I don't know exactly why, but I guess to wrap it up- I have a hard time believing that these extremely busy celebrities, with zero design school experience or chemistry education, can really have that big of a role in product development. Maybe that is a little harsh... I don't know?

That being said, when I heard about the new makeup line FLOWER developed by Drew Barrymore, I didn't think much about it other than, 'that is a weird name for a makeup line.' Fast forward a few months to when I came upon this issue of Lucky magazine and read up on the development of the makeup line and the meaning behind FLOWER- and my thoughts have changed a little bit lot. 

First of all you have to get over the major hump that is: Walmart. Flower is sold exclusively at Walmart. Didn't get this at first, but after reading the interview with Drew, she explained that partnering with a brand that is so HUGE gave her the opportunity to keep cost of development down, and to offer higher quality products at lower prices- simply because of the massive production capabilities Walmart has. 

Next, there is the name FLOWER. Drew tells the magazine that she often asks the question 'what kind of flower are you?' when meeting new people. She said that motherhood has changed her, and she has gone from a wild flower daisy to a cottage grown cabbage flower. Interesting idea. I am still working on what type of flower I am- maybe a poppy? (bright colored and imperfect, but with a deep sole in the center... hmm? not sure yet)

After reading about the quality of the products, her choices on packaging and branding, and her experience with makeup throughout her career- I ate my words (or thoughts, I guess) and decided to give FLOWER a chance. In the above picture you can see my product purchases. And if you get nothing else from this post at all, at least visit the FLOWER website. It is gorgeous eye candy to say the least. The images are so colorful and crisp, the text is perfectly paired with the feel of the brand. It is website heaven for anyone who appreciates great design. Check out the behind the scenes photos and videos too. 
1- Primer & Foundation (PP2)  2 & 3- Blush/Bronzer Duo (BD2)  4- Color Play Creme Shadow (Good As Mari-Gold)  5- Color Play Creme Shadow (Lilac-You A Lot)  6- Sheer Up Lip Tint (Airy Orchid)  7- On Your Mark Liquid Eyeliner (Black)  Not Swatched- Zoom- In Ultimate Mascara (Black)
I decided to go with one product from each the areas of the face. Above you can see my swatches, and my finished look using only FLOWER products. Overall, I was impressed with the makeup- they all fulfilled their promises and were true to their pigments, which I find is one of the most important things in makeup. The color should go on the skin, the way it looks in the package- end of story. But the true standouts for me were the Creme Eyeshadows and the Liquid Liner. Both applied effortlessly and gave gorgeous results. I will be purchasing these guys again- I think I need the Creme Shadows in every color. My only real complaint is the white plastic in the palettes feels cheapy- almost like pretend Barbie makeup plastic that I buy my five year old. But the rose gold accents are perfection.

So, there ya have it. I humbly admit that Drew has done good here, and that she has made me rethink my celeb-brand stonewalling. Next time your at Walmart, take a gander down the makeup isle and pick up a couple goodies.

Have you tried FLOWER products yet? Let me know in the comments below and be sure and follow along with me on facebook and instagram.

What kind of flower are you?

***Update*** Since this post I have tried several other FLOWER Beauty products, and have some other recommendations for your list. The BB Cream serves as a great lightweight coverage foundation, but it's also great as a primer for your mineral makeup.

I am also loving the Lip Butters because they are super moisturizing and perfect for colder weather. 'Princess and the Peony' is my favorite shade!

And lastly if you're looking for a great concealer, the FLOWER Secret Service Cover Up- is a great option. It's got great coverage but it is totally blendable so it can be worn under the eyes or to cover blemishes which is often hard to find in a single product. Love it!

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