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If you love the look of graphics or images on your nails, but you don't have a steady hand or an artistic touch- you can still get the look with nail decals. You may remember using decals in the 90's when they first came on the scene, but the industry has come a long way since then so don't panic if you feel like it is an out dated technique. 

To use nail decals while still keeping the look modern:

-Pick one or two nails for the decals as accent nails- don't over do it with images on every finger

-Choose colors that are a little unexpected together- matchy/matchy will date the look

-Use decals that are age appropriate- stay away from cartoon characters etc

My Cherry decals above are from JOBY Nail Art- I really like JOBY because the decals are super thin, so you can easily cover them with one coat of top coat and you'll have a glass-like finish with no bumps at all. During June you can buy 5 and get 1 free with the code 'BUY5B5G1' so now is a great time to stock up.

Want to learn how I did my Cherry-Dipped Manicure? Check out this easy tutorial below:

Joby Nail Art (Buy 5, get 1 Free Code: BUY5B5G1) Classic Cherry Collection
Essie Forever Young Red Accent
Stripe Rite Teal Teal Accent Stripe

Do you have a favorite brand or way to use nail decals? Let me know and thanks for following along on facebook and instagram.
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