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Admit it. You've had this thought: 'Airbrush makeup sounds amazing, BUT I don't want to look like an
oompa-loompa and it seems too complicated.'

Ok so maybe it sounded slightly different in your own head, but most women I have talked to about airbrush makeup all have the same fears. And to be honest, I was really hesitant the first few times I experimented with it. The first system that I owned was expensive, loud, and HUGE... it took up my entire bathroom counter and after a couple weeks I scrapped it and headed back to my old stand-bys.

When I tried the Belletto Studio system it completely changed my mind about airbrush, and now I can't imagine using anything else. My tutorial video below goes through the reasons I love this system and gives you my basic five minute flawless foundation routine. And I promise you will not end up looking like you just walked off the set of Jersey Shore- *natural* is the key word here.

If you've ever wondered about airbrush makeup but you've never taken the plunge, first visit the Belletto website and take the shade finder quiz so you are sure to get the right color- this takes so much of the guess work out of it. You'll get four foundations in your starter kit too, so you can experiment with the tones.

I hope this short video eases your fears about using airbrush makeup. It really is so much easier than I ever expected and it gives you unlimited possibilites. I have seen airbrush do amazing things when it comes to covering tattoos, spider viens, scars and more. If you struggle with difficult skin issues this could be that answer you have been looking for. I am excited to start trying some more advanced techniques using stencils and brighter colors for some of my more artistic work at the salon.

Let me know if you decide to pick up one of these bad boys, and as always thank you so much for reading! Let's be friends on facebook and instagram too.
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