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White top- Albion Fit (similar)    Blue Top- Nike    Blue Headband- Under Armour   Yellow Headband- Under Armour   Pink Top- Under Armour    Pink Shorts- Under Armour

I have always been very open about the fact that I started playing tennis not because I had a love of the game, but I had a love of the outfits! Seriously. I did fall in love with the game later, but it was the idea of looking cute while being sporty that really got me excited about exercise. Now that I am a momma, I don't play as much- but when I go to support my husband at his matches, you better believe I am cruisin the players for the chicest ensembles. 

This post is all about dressing up your workout look- and while there is no shortage of adorable fitness clothes these days, it can be hard to find a flattering and practical hair style to wear to the gym. This beauty pictured above is my sweet friend Aubry from Beauty & Truth. (awesome blog to check out PS) She was kind enough to model these looks for me so that you can find some workout inspiration too.

The Bubble Pony
It just makes you feel bouncy, no? I love this look to jazz up a basic pony- and the variations on it are endless. Just start with your normal pony, placed wherever it's most comfortable, and secure it with 1-2 traditional hair ties. Then place a second band (I prefer the small clear elastics) 2-3 inches lower on the tail. Tug on the hair as if you were tightening the first elastic, and the bubble will form. You can use your fingers the flair the bubble as much as you want to. Then add a third elastic and repeat. This look is also very cute in a low over-the-shoulder style too. 

The Braided TopKnot
Buns are great for very active sports when security is key. Gather the hair into a high pony and secure with 1-2 hair ties. Next divide the pony tail into thirds and very loosely braid the remainder of the tail and secure with a small clear elastic. The loose braid will keep the bun looking fuller and is easier to secure pins through. Wrap the braid around the hair tie to form a bun and tuck the ends under the braid to hide them. Secure the bun with three corkscrew pins (aka spin pins) for the most secure hold. Traditional bobbie pins will work too, but you'll need more and they may slide out during vigorous movement. 

The Side FishTail 
This one is a classic but to switch it up, start the fishtail on the side of your head just above the ear. All the hair sweeps across the back of your head and looks really elegant. To form the fish tail, divide the hair into two equal sections. Next take a small piece from the outside of the right hand section and cross it over the top and join it to the inside of the left hand section. Now switch and do the same thing from the left side- outside to inside and repeat. You can wear the braid down over your shoulder, or twirl it into a bun like above and secure with your spin pins.

Throw on a fun headband and you'll feel cute while still being able to work out hard. I hope you gals like these ideas, and that they spur on some ideas of your own. If you have a go-to workout style tell me about it in the comments below, and be sure you're following along for all the fun on facebook and bloglovin.
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