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orogold 24K peeling review, Peter Thomas Roth peeling gel review

Ever wish you could scrape off the dull skin you see in the mirror and reveal the pore less skin you once had as a fresh faced youngin? I do. And I am not that old yet, so I am trying really hard to take care of the skin I have now. So when I started to notice that my face looked duller and that my makeup was settling into my pores more than it used to, I got depressed (just a little- because I have bigger fish to fry in the long run, y'know what I am sayin?) ... and then I got to work looking for some ways to remedy the situation without extreme measures such as laser or chemical peels.

When, like an answer to my dull-skin prayers- I was accosted by a very persistent sales women in the mall who works for Orogold. This women was intense, like too intense. And all up in my face #literally,  examining my complexion, while I tried to push my stroller around her and flee for safety. After 30 seconds of dodging and saying 'no thanks' on repeat... I finally took the sample from her hand, and high-tailed it out of there!

And while I do not like high-pressure sales of any kind, I could not deny the WOW factor of the product she gave me: Orogold 24K Deep Peeling. After a single use, I was hooked and I knew that I would have to make the walk of shame back to the mall and buy the full size jar. *Side note: this product can be purchased online, but it is my experience that if you do walk in to a store location, you can talk the price down or bundle products together for a discounted price. Again, that type of selling is annoying to say the least, but for a product that is this remarkable, I deal with the hassle.

And while the Orogold peeling product is still my favorite, I did find a similar product with great results as well- just in case you aren't in the mood to haggle at the mall or you need an option with a lower price point. The Peter Thomas Roth Peeling Gel is a great alternative is more widely available. Both will give you a renewed complexion, lessen the appearance of pores and fine lines- and give you a youthful glow. My favorite benefit of using peeling gels, is the way my makeup looks on the skin in the days following a treatment. Like I have a perma-airbrushed photo face. Ahhh

What is a peeling gel?
A peeling gel is a gel type exfoliant that breaks down the first layers of dry dead skin cells on the surface of your face. The magic is that the gel works in seconds (so fast it is freaky) and literally causes the skin to ball up and peel away, just like the pieces of rubber that you see left behind when using an eraser on paper. And it does this without an ounce of pain, sting or tingle. Unheard of! It amazes me every time I use it- still even after 9 months of trial.

The ingredients behind the magic
Orogold products all contain 24K gold. Literal flecks of gold, pepper each product and the company uses historical references to Cleopatra and ancient Chinese queens who all used pure gold in their beauty routines to promote radiant and youthful skin. Beyond the dazzle of the gold- are the ingredients that really do the work in peeling gels. Fruit enzymes (vitamins C&E) found in pineapple and pomegranate, gently dissolve the dead skin cells and allow them to be easily rinsed away with cool water. Then green tea and glycerin leave the skin moisturized with a noticeably smoother & polished surface.

Who should be using a peeling gel?
Anyone who suffers from dull lack-luster skin will see instant benefits with a peeling gel. It is a product that works right before your eyes, so there is no guessing or waiting to know if you'll see results. Also, for those of you who use sunless tanning products (like me), you may notice a build up of pigment in certain spots on your face, usually where you are dryer or have larger pores. After a peel, my pigmentation returns to an even playing field, and all my products and makeup apply more evenly and absorb better. For those who are noticing deeper pores or fine lines, a peeling gel will lessen the appearance by removing surface layers and brightening the skin.

Peeling gels should be used no more than once a week, so it is an investment product that will give you months of benefits. This one is truly a favorite find of mine and I am excited to share it with you after seeing such great results on myself and several friends and family members that I have recommended it to. I hope it finds its' way into your makeup bag as well.

Happy glowing, xoxo
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