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***By now you have all heard about the subscription box craze- but if you've just returned home from Mars, I'll fill you in: You sign up for a monthly/quarterly/yearly box that costs a flat rate. When the box arrives you'll find a sampling of products that have been selected for you based on the info you selected when signing up. There are beauty boxes, lifestyle/fitness boxes, pet boxes, man-stuff boxes... the list goes on and on. 

I personally subscribe to 3 beauty boxes, and I love the concept- it is a great way to discover new loves with very little risk. You aren't committed to a giant size bottle if you realize that the product isn't your new soulmate, plus you get much more value per box than if you were to buy the samples separately.*** 

Today I am sharing my top finds from BirchBox so far this year (Jan-July 2013). Birchbox offers subscribers darling boxes packed with goodies that revolve around a theme each month. While not every month is a whopping success in my eyes, I have found some AMAZE new products that cause me to swoon, and for $10 a month- I can easily swallow the blues I feel when I am not entirely thrilled with the samples they send me. And when you do find 'gotta-have-its' you can purchase the full size options through BirchBox and build up points towards more fun.

Five products that should be on your radar 
[and in my opinion, in your beauty bag too]

-Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle: Hands down my favorite leave-in conditioner and detangler I have ever used. EVER! The smell is like heaven, and the silky formula makes combing through damp hair like butta. Yet there is no heavy oily feel on the hair and it still feels light weight. Highly recommended for long hair/extension wearers, or screaming four-year olds post bath. No? Just me?- ok.

-Mirenesse Glossy Kiss: A creamy matte lip color in a crayon form that goes on smooth, has a nice almost-minty flavor and a punch of color. I love that it is still moisturizing while being matte, so you don't need a gloss over the top. Muah!

-TAY Safflower Seed Night Cream with Jojoba: If you are not using a night cream or even if you are- it is not as good as this one. Promise. Your skin will bow down and worship you for adding this goodness to your routine. The Jojoba bean and Safflower leave your skin quenched and help cells recover while you sleep. It is for ALL skin types truly and I have yet to find a negative review anywhere about this stuff. Pricey- but this is an investment product... facelifts cost more. 

-Bennefit 15 Hour Flawless Makeup Primer : As a firm believer in the power of primer, I am always looking for the next best. Well, I found it. The stick application is genius and makes rushed mornings that much easier. And the light gel formula grabs on to your makeup and holds it in its' clenched fist for 15 hours as claimed. (Well, actually I don't wear makeup for 15 hours- my late night escapades are behind me. But when I'm creeping up on 9 pm bed time I still look fresh-ish)

-Kerastase Bain Chroma Captive Cleanse : (name is too long, that's my only critique) As a rampant fan of Pureology for the last 10 years- I have a hard time finding color care products that even stack up. But this little number is definitely a player in the big world of color care shampoos. This shampoo is luxe with a fabulous and spreadable texture that creates awesome lather while still being sulfate and detergent free. Your shower feels a little more spa-like, and colored hair stays fresher longer- so I am happy to have found it. 

I hope at least one of these goodies speaks to you the way they have to me. I share only the best with my readers- because you deserve the best for supporting me. Thank you!

If you want to join in the BirchBox fun, you can sign up for your subscription here for $10 per month. They even have a mens box which sounds kinda fun for any discerning gentlemen out there too. Do you have a fav subscription box? Let me know in the comments below.

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