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The best of Marc Jacobs Beauty products

If you're tuned into the makeup gossip scene (apparently that's a real thing...) you may have heard the build up and buzz over the new makeup line from fashion design icon Marc Jacobs. This line has been years in the making- and was probably the most anticipated new product release in the last decade. Why? Because Marc Jacobs isn't just a creator of beautiful clothing, he is also known for pushing the boundaries of design and uses color and texture unlike any other American designer.

It was pretty much a given that his makeup line would be exquisitely packaged and branded- but that is the understatement of the century. When I opened up my Marc Jacobs Beauty delivery, the packaging was almost too gorgeous to open. Literally. I have never seen such high quality plastic, mirrors, closures, caps and even protective sleeves for shipping. WOWZA! You have to see it and feel it to believe it. Ok enough gushing, let's talk about the four stand out products that you need now!

Eye-Con Palette eye shadow
Marc Jacobs eye shadow, eye liner, concealer, lip gloss review Holy pigment Batman! These palettes come in groupings of three and seven colors, with fabulous names such as 'The Tease' and 'The Rebel'. The tones are beautifully coordinated to give you tons a variation and the colors are SO PIGMENTED that you need not use a heavy hand to get brilliant color. Honestly, I am still shocked when I apply these colors to the eyelid - one swipe of the brush and you have more than enough color to work with. This is a great quality since the price point for these palettes is at a luxury level, but you will get tons of use out of these colors for years!

Magic Marc'er calligraphy eye liner
If you love a good cat-eye like I do... you need this liner! The tip is rigid yet flexible so that you can get a beautiful graduated line across the lid quickly and precisely. The formula is so black and shiny, it looks like vinyl (in a sexy catsuit kinda way) all day long. A new must-have for me.

Remedy concealer pen
I don't know what it is about products that click that I love so much, but this is another genius use of the click-technology. It is fun to use, but it also delivers a beautiful textured concealer that has a hint of sheen and a nice coverage perfect for dark circles. The tip of the pen is so cool...literally and figuratively. Concealer dispenses through the center opening onto the smooth cool & angled applicator. It glides on easily without tugging on the skin- which I think is essential for any under eye application.

Lust for Lacquer vinyl lip gloss
These colors are infused with champagne and grape juice, which makes them yummy enough to drink...although that is not advised. The texture is so lovely and the sheer tints glide on perfectly. They give a nice plump to the lip which I always want from my lip gloss, and the applicator tip is cushion-perfection. I love the coral shade 'heart shaped', but I am going to be adding darker tones for my fall wardrobe.

I have talked about my hesitation when it comes to celebrity product lines before- but Marc Jacobs Beauty definitely does not fall into the category of 'endorsement-design'. It is clear that his signature is all over the look and production of these products, and his experience in the fashion industry is the reason why the quality matches the hype.  I can't wait to use more of this stuff- and now you can too. Shop the makeup below or at your local Sephora.
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