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Hello my lovely readers! So glad you've stopped by today to check out the latest edition of StyleWise. Now that my hair is as long as it has ever been (without extensions) I have been wearing a miriad of updo styles to keep myself cool during these hot months. I also love an up style on day-3 hair when it has just enough 'dirt' to hold teasing and bobby pins well.

Since I knew this look was going to be an eye catcher from the back- I wanted to pair it with a top that was also a little unexpected from behind. This Double V-Neck is one of my favorites and I think it compliments the hairstyle well. (Side note- If you ever need basic tees for layering, Modbod is the best. And if you haven't started wearing demi shirts or camis for layering- YOU ARE MISSING OUT! I started cutting my undershirts in half way back in high school, because I wanted more coverage on the chest or sleeves, but I didn't want two layers of shirts at my middle. Plus I am a sweaty girl as you may know, so extra shirts cause problems. Finally the demi shirt is being made so I don't have to bust out my scissors any more- and these ones stay in place much better because of the band at the bottom. Buy one, you'll thank me later when you look 10lbs lighter after ditching the extra tummy fabric. --- Ok done with that huge tangent!)

This hairstyle is a variation on a rope twist braid that starts at the nape of the neck, travels to the crown and wraps around in a bun topper. To achieve this look, I actually lay face down on my bed and hang my head over the edge. Why not let gravity help you out from time-to-time? Once my hair is all draped down towards the floor, I can begin twisting at the neck and work towards the crown. Much like a french braid- I simply incorporate hair from each side along the way until I have finished the twist. Secure the rope with an elastic and then wrap the rope tail into a bun and secure with two spin pins. Fun eh?

Don't know how to rope twist?... keep scrolling for a pin-worthy (hint, hint) illustration!

easy twist hair style

Hope this gives you some inspiration for your next up style. You may get a blood rush to the head if your try my version, but just think of all the other possibilities too. Top knot, low and over-the-shoulder, Princess Leia buns...sans golden prisoner bikini, of course!

See ya soon beautiful friends- and if you've got a minute, please share this blog with a fellow beauty lover, so I can continue to grow and spread the wealth. Thanks!

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