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One of the most common beauty errors that women make, is attempting to style their hair at home with the WRONG type of brush. It's kind of astounding actually! Maybe not. Might be a slight overstatement.

But I do know that using the correct brush can transform your hair and get you better results after you've left the salon. And in my very experienced (tee hee) opinion- every woman needs to have these five brushes in her drawer. No matter the hair type, length, texture... these five brushes will cover all of your bases, and arm you with the tools to accomplish the perfect look. Why these 5? I'll tell you-

Yup, you read that right- Oil Infused People! Technology makes everything better- and this comb is seriously cutting edge. Cricket has developed a way to infuse these natural oils into the plastic while it is being made, and the result is a smooth snag free texture that glides through the hair with complete ease. It is a Godsend for curly gals, but also works great for fine haired ladies who are worried about breakage. It's perfect for a shower comb, but I use it most often after I have applied my leave-in spray & oil, then I glide the comb through without a snag in sight! 

Curl & Lift Must Have: Drybar Half Pint Round Brush 
If you know DryBar- then you know these guys have the perfect blowout down to a science. They don't perform millions of blow drys around the country without learning a thing or two along the way. These round brushes are made of high quality ceramic that contain advanced mineral technology. Basically, when you apply heat to the minerals- negative ions are released and blasted on to the hair. The result? Smooth hair that shines like never before. I've used a lot of round brushes in my day- but this is the one to beat. [If you've got long locks- you can bump up the size to the Full Pint]

Teasing Must Have: Marilyn Teasing Brush
Teasing, backcombing, ratting... whatever you call it, there comes a time when you need to use it. Some women use tease every day, some only for a rarely occurring updo- but either way, you need a comb designed specifically for teasing to get the best results, and to prevent damage to your hair. The Marilyn utilizes multiple rows of stiff bristles at varied heights, so you get more bang for your buck with each stroke. I prefer this brush because it is sturdy and will hold up to tons of pressure without breaking. And the pointed tail makes parting, sectioning and lifting your hair easy and quick. Love!

Smoothing Must Have: The Shine Brush (by the makers of Wet Brush, which I love too!)
I have gushed about The Wet Brush before, so it's no surprise that it sister brush made the list of must-have brushes. The shine brush is an all-purpose brush designed to smooth life's tangles without tugging or tearing. It can be used on wet or dry hair- and works wonders on the tangled tresses of screaming four-years-olds. The secret is in the bristles; they are super thin and use a flex technology so that they bend & give just the right amount, plus boar bristles also join the party to smooth hair and distribute your natural oil along the strand. I love to use this brush before every shower to massage the scalp and to loosen up any buildup on my hair. Millions of brushes sold tells you that I am not alone.

Straightening Must Have: Denman Classic 7 Row Brush
Denman is a name that has been in the beauty industry since the dawn of time. These brushes may look un-assuming, and you've probably seen them before without knowing their true potential. The half-moon shape is perfect for straightening your hair with your blowdryer. Place an outer row of bristles on the scalp, then rock the brush along the moon shape curve to the other side. Without using your hands, the brush will pickup the perfect section of hair ready to use your dryer with. You can glide the brush and dryer down the length of the strand, with just enough tension to straighten hair and give a smooth finish. Sleek strands for days with this puppy!

Upgrade your brushes for Fall along with your wardrobe- you won't be disappointed. And the paparazzi won't be able to stay away from you! Thanks for reading, see you over on instagram too for an extra look at my beauty-full life.  

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