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Every now and then there is a gizmo like this that catches my eye-- either because it is so silly looking I have to try it for a great laugh, or because there is scientific theory behind the gadget and it might just actually work! The Air Curler fits in both of those categories... so take a look at my discoveries for this As Seen on TV whatcha-ma-call-it.

At first glance the Air Curler looks somewhat illegal. My husband thought I had a bong shipped to the house -- uh no, honey it's not a bong. The theory is quite sound however. The attachment creates a wind tunnel on any blow dryer and whips the hair into a funnel while simultaneously heating and twisting the hair. I use a twisting method to create curls all the time, you can see a video here, so I was very intrigued with this product.

So, does it work?
yes. The air curler does work if you follow the directions ie. your hair should be dry at the root and just slightly damp through the ends (I just ran a comb under the faucet and then combed it through, but you can mist it too). Next, section your hair into 2-3 inch clumps and drop the piece into the cyclone and heat thoroughly. After the section has twisted itself and formed a curl, you'll need to let it cool completely before you do anything else. After it has cooled you can comb through the curls to loosen them up so you don't have a head full of faux-dreadlocks. 
but. Because of the 'whipping' nature of a cyclone, the Air Curler does not create smooth or refined curls. Check out the pic of me immediately after I finished. [click on it to enlarge] Can you say frizz-city!?! And luckily for me I don't have frizzy hair to start out with. In my final 'After' pic I did not use any additional heat tools, I just used a smoothing brush to calm the frizz and a little bit of hairspray- but the curl was significantly looser after I smoothed the hair with a brush.

is it worth it? Depends. This is significantly less money than a curling iron and it does get the job done. If you like that windblown tousled look- this thing is boss! But, if you are looking for smooth and finished curls you will not get it without the use of an iron. I do not predict this will work with anyone with super straight/resistant, natural curly, or frizzy hair... and while we are at it, add short hair to the list of non-buyers.

This might be great for those of you who struggle with irons however, but be advised the gizmo is quite bulky and will take up a decent amount of space on your vanity. 

Wrapping up: the Air Curler is cool and very fun to use! It is a great lesson in cyclone power and I think it could be used for dozens of 5th grade science experiments. Is it a 'must buy'? I am gonna say no, but it is a fun buy and may be great if your hair fits the correct criteria. 

Wanna give it a try? You can buy it at Target (online only) 

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