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Yay! Fall is in the air and that means it's time to make a change to your beauty routine along with your wardrobe. I took the plunge and chopped off about 5 inches of my own hair and I am loving the fresh look it gave me! I also added some fun pops of copper to my ends to get a subtle ombre glow. Plus I added a side swept fringe to liven things up around my face, using the BANGO tool that is made for TV. 

I must disclose that I thought this gizmo would be laughable at best, but I was really pleasantly surprised when I played around with it. My staff at the salon also saw the great potential for at-home bang trims. I did not use the DVD that is included or read any directions, but I would strongly suggest that you do that prior to use. I would also suggest you only use the BANGO to trim bangs you already have (that have been cut by a pro) not to cut new bangs from scratch. There is just too much risk in creating your own sectioning correctly etc. So just don't do it. But BANGO totally surprised me in a great way! It makes visualizing the line so clear and holds the bangs in place very securely so you can use two hands freely. 

Want to know how I created this look?
Watch this fun video I made of my late night beauty sesh. Disregard the crappy lighting and the dumpy T-shirt, while you watch how I do my own hair. Please note however that I am a licensed professional with more than a decade in a salon, so please don't attempt this at home. Thanks!

Hair Full of:

What is on your wish list for Fall make overs? Tell me in the comments below and tag #makeoversnoop in your pics so I can see what you come up with. 

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