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Oh my! This is a big one! I have a feeling this post will contain entirely too many exclamation points- but I am so thrilled with Part II of the Snoop List: Hair Edition. Today I am over at Studio5 highlighting the hair products and tools that you've never heard of, but CANNOT live without. This list is dear to my heart, because as you know I am still a hair stylist and salon owner, and hair has been my life for more than the last decade. So lets jump in and talk about all this goodness!

1 Goody Spin Pins  Spin pins do the work of 10 traditional bobby pins combined. Their unique corkscrew shape grabs on to hair and secures it effortlessly for hours without damaging hair. If you love a high bun or a tousled date-night updo... you must have these in your arsenal. I will love these things until my dying day. Seriously. 

2 Babyliss Miracurl (Pro Version) Conair Infiniti (Consumer Version) It's the latest gizmo in hair curling, and let me tell you this thing is crazy cool. The barrel draws in a strand of hair and spins it until the length of the hair is wrapped around the internal barrel. Next it holds it there until fully cooked and then spits out a perfect curl every time. It has customized controls so you can dictate the heat and timing, as well as which way the curl wraps. If you struggle with a curling iron- meet your new best friend.

T3 Shower Head If you can't keep your color looking fresh, or your hair and skin are as dry as the sands of the Sahara... it may be your water that is letting you down. The T3 shower filter eliminates more chlorine in your water than any other type of filter on the market. You will notice a difference in your hair and skin after a single use, and anything afterward that isn't T3...won't be good enough. It is a life changer. (This even helped me get over my hatred of showering. Baths > Showers. but that's a whole other issue :)

Turkish Hair Towel Curly haired ladies have known the secret of non terrycloth towels for a while now. But for those of you who think I am insane... hold your tongue. These super absorbent cotton towels have a smooth surface but absorb just as much as water a traditional (american) towel. Because it has a refined texture, it doesn't rough up you hair and cause frizz. Use it to blot moisture out of the hair especially for those of you who 'scrunch-dry' your curls. 

Harry Josh Dryer Cutest. Strongest. Smartest. Dryer. Ever. Harry Josh is a celebrity stylist who set out to design a lightweight and compact dryer that will stand up to the harshest conditions. As a hairstylist my self- I am LUCKY if a dryer lasts me two years, because of the amount of use I put it through at the salon. This French-made power house will last you 15 years if you use it for 20 minutes a day. (It dries my hair in 3 minutes flat. #noreally) It is an investment piece, but it is worth every penny and there isn't a single bad review out there on this guy. One of the coolest features is the ion function which can be turned off for more volume, and turned on for a sleeker finish. Custom is king. 

Cricket Ultra Smooth Detangling Brush and Combs- Stop stretching out your strands and start using a friction free comb fortified with olive oil. These combs have a glass-like finish that glides through the hair without tugging and helps to smooth the cuticle surface. Great for days when you air-dry your hair and makes a perfect shower comb to distribute your conditioner. The new detangler version uses short flexible bristles and  a sleek handle for extra control, so that you can detangle with one hand and restrain your screaming 5 year old with the other... have I mentioned her before?

Sam Villa Texture Iron + [additional 20% off with code: 20FORUT] When you need a lift, you need Sam Villa. Not only is he my personal hair-hero (and the sweetest guy!), he designed the Texture Iron to give you micro texture that gives your hair the oomph it so desperately needs. Use this guy to crimp the hair right at the scalp and double the thickness at your roots instantly. Use it to fatten-up your braids, buns and twists too. Avoid teasing and start texturizing instead!

LUSH Solid shampoo and conditioner Who says shampoo has to come in a bottle!?! LUSH shampoo and conditioner bars are perfect for travel & your gym bag, while offering little bits of luxury with their organic and plant based ingredients. The smell on these guys is hypnotizing and the experience of using them will leave you feeling like you had a quick trip to the spa in your own shower. Let's face it... anything by LUSH is amaze! 

Batiste dry shampoo for brunettes and redheads  I know they say 'blondes have more fun' but I tend to disagree since I am currently sporting a brunette hue. That being said, I have noticed that my brown and red-haired sisters often get left out of the dry shampoo conversation, and this just cannot be! Batiste dry shampoos for brunettes and gingers offer the same great results without leaving a white powdery finish on the hair. So go ahead, skip the shower today... and tomorrow!

10 Pureology Dry Conditioner (Professional Salons) What? Dry Conditioner!?! Yes, you read that right- and you need this stuff in your life ASAP. We all know that washing every day is a no-no, and that dry shampoo rescues your roots from the grease-bomb explosion on day 2. But what about those ends? They need some loving too, right? Dry conditioner is applied to the mid lengths and ends of your hair to infuse it with a burst of moisture and shine on the days when your not washing and freshly styling your hair. Use it to revive fuzzy curls and split end-i-fied locks and you are good to go [again].

There you have it! My top hair picks for 2013-- Which one do you need in your life? Let me know in the comments below and be sure you enter my giveaway. One winner will receive:

  • LUSH Shampoo and Conditioner bars
  • Cricket Olive Oil Combs
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo for Brunettes & Red Heads
  • Goody Spin Pins 
  • T3 Shower Head

Good luck!
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