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Murad Acne Systems for adult acne treatment

If you have struggled with acne like I have, you know that pain it can cause and the lack of confidence that it can create. Earlier this year I made a pledge to my readers that I was going to refrain from picking at my skin and break a terrible habit that I have had since my adolescence. 

It's only fair that I check in with you and update you on my progress, so let's dive in shall we?

My #nopickingpledge has been very helpful at creating a sense of ownership over my own destiny. I have made tremendous strides in my effort to refrain from touching my skin, and the results are noticeable. 

Now to be fair, I do not walk out of the house with a bulging whitehead on my face... I am not that brave! But I have completely stopped parking myself in front of the mirror and searching for imperfections to pop and pick. And as a result my skin is less inflamed and my scarring is limited to the damage I had done in the past before my pledge. Which I am starting to treat with the Murad lightening gel to lighten the darker pigment on my scars. It is an ongoing fight--- breaking bad habits is rough, but I am leaps and bounds beyond where I started.

And while keeping my hands off of my face has been a HUGE help, I still need the science behind acne products to keep my skins' texture perfected, and to keep breakouts to a minimum.

Enter: MURAD Acne systems. I started using Murad about 4 months ago after researching acne systems with positive reviews from users. Murad has by far the most top ratings from users and that is always a good sign. I have tried probably 20 different lines over the last 12 years and have had some success and some failures- but Murad has been entirely different for me.

Why? Because I see results without feeling tortured. It's that simple. The products to do not make me red, they do not sting, they don't dry out my skin, and they don't smell bad (they actually smell nice!) all while making my skin more clear.

[The last line that I used was Image Skincare, and while it did give me good results, it turned my face beet-red and stung like a mother! I would apply the product then literally lie down on the floor and hover my face over the cool air coming from the vent to sooth the pain... my husband got a great kick out of that.]

I am going to be honest though, the first three weeks of Murad use were awful. My skin broke out like crazy, but I was prepared for this- as it often happens when you switch to a new regimen. The directions on this system warned me that it could happen as well, but encouraged me to continue use until my skin flushed out the bacteria hidden in my pores. 

First the texture of my skin improved DRASTICALLY! It has become so much smoother and has a luster that it hasn't had before. And as I have used the products more the acne has subsided and is less inflamed than before. Do I still have zits? Of course. It is a part of my genetic makeup- but they are totally in control and I am able to handle them with a great concealer and a smile. 

My favorites from Murad [so far]: 

If you struggle with acne, I am happy to recommend Murad and I hope it works for you the same way it has worked for me. If you have had success with an acne line please share it in the comments below, I'd love to hear about your journey too.

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