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If your bathroom counter looks anything like mine, you may agree that makeup collections can easily take over your space. I am a big believer in products and tools that multi-task and this new brush from BECCA Cosmetics does just that. So knock out some of that clutter, and take a look at this:

You can achieve a flawless finish for your whole face with the One Perfecting Brush without having buy a whole arsenal of brushes. It's kind of genius really, and in my opinion its the new breed of makeup brushes. 

The BECCA One brush is made from a super soft goat hair and that alone makes this brush worth it. Cheap brushes are made with cheap fibers that harden and age so quickly. When you make an investment in a natural brush, you'll feel and see the difference with the very first use. 

The coolest part of the brush is its shape and size. Without a doubt this is the largest brush that I have ever used, which can be a little overwhelming at first. But with a little practice you'll learn the huge advantage of the large size. It sweeps over the face so quickly and efficiently that you'll never miss a spot, and blending your color into your neck and chest is a snap!

Turn the brush on its corner and use the precision of the the square end to highlight your cheekbones or sweep blush over the apples of your cheeks. Then run the end down your nose and sweep under your eyes.

I love to use the length of the brush to give me a perfect contour under the cheekbone, by sweeping my bronzer up towards the hair line above my ear. It's fool-proof and so quick.

This brush can be used for liquids and powders and transitions seamlessly through your routine from one to another. It also washes really nicely which is not always the case with white bristles. 

I can't wait to get my hands on more BECCA products, available exclusively at Sephora. Let me know if you've tried any of their other goodies in the comments below. I really want to try the Hint of Tint for my cheeks this winter! Thanks for reading, and be sure you come say hi on facebook 

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Courtesy sample products of Becca Cosmetics were provided to The Beauty Snoop

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