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Have you ever looked at your face, I mean really looked hard and studied the different tones of your skin that make up the total package? The shadows and highlights are what define the edges of your face, the roundness of your bone structure, and give the dimension necessary to appear 3-D.

If you really study the light and dark of your face you'll start to understand why traditional foundation isn't flattering and why so many women say they 'hate' foundation. When you whitewash your face in a single color pigment, it loses its' depth and dimension to that point that you feel unlike yourself. You look in the mirror and see a reflection that feels unnatural, and in other words just icky, right?

Luckily the rules of foundation are beginning to change, and brands are realizing that the average women doesn't have time to layer on multiple colors to create coverage PLUS highlights and contours. Instead we can get the coverage we want, plus the light and dark in a single step.

These duel color palettes from Victoria Jackson give you what you've been looking for in a convenient package. The darker tone is great for framing your face and contouring your cheekbones- while the lighter tone will highlight the prominent features in your face. You can also mix the colors to form varying tones depending on how much light or dark you use, that way you can customize the color to your liking.

Using a foundation brush, start by sweeping on the contour color around the outer perimeter of the face, and under the jawline and neck. Using small circular motions and a light hand, you'll create a shadow type appearance, which will cause that area to recede back. Next apply the contour color under the cheek bone and down the side of the nose to straighten and narrow its' appearance.

Next, apply the lighter color to the tops of the cheekbones, in between your brows, and to the forehead- which will cause those areas to appear highlighted and more prominent on the face. Finish by blending thoroughly, and you'll notice right away that your still feel like yourself- but you've accentuated your features and kept the depth that your face normally has.

There is no rule that says 'every inch of your face needs to be covered by foundation'- although that seems to be what most women do. But natural bare skin will always have a more beautiful appearance and texture that skin under makeup. So if you don't need coverage everywhere... don't use foundation everywhere! Creme foundations are more blendable and buildable than traditional liquid foundation, so they work well with bare skin. That's my favorite part!

Do you have a creme foundation that you think I need to try? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for stopping by today. Hope to see you over on facebook or instagram

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Courtesy sample products of Victoria Jackson were provided to The Beauty Snoop
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