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Lately I have had a lot of comments and questions about anti-aging products, after all it is the biggest corner of the skincare market and women are more conscious of their skin needs than ever before. Thanks to amazing advancements in science we know more information about the transformation our skin goes through as we age, and likewise we know slowing down the rate at which our skin loses its' youthful glow is essential to maintain a younger complexion. 

In the next few posts I am going to highlight a few of my favorite age-care products starting with my top pick for luxury skin creme.  La Potion Infinie is truly a potion of goodness. I was drawn to it because of it's use to two key ingredients that aren't found in other products: Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP. 

Silver is known for its' anti-bacterial qualities as well as anti-inflammatory qualities, it's been used for centuries because of these healing traits. As someone who suffers from acne, those two buzz words sparked my initial interest. Beyond that, Infinie boasts the use of DNA HP, which helps the cells generate more collagen and elastin. The last major benefit of the ingredient is the ability to hold 10,000 times its' weight in water - meaning it is a moisturizing super power! 

The Potion comes in a dark glass bottle to keep out the harmful UV rays that can cause products to break down and lose their healing properties. The creme itself is thick and rich, with a nice light citrus and floral scent. But unlike other rich cremes I have tried, this one absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a greasy film on the skin. This is crucial for anyone like me who does have problem skin, or for those who want to apply makeup quickly after their moisturizer application. You'll notice an instant tightening and lifting of the skin from the help of a little caffeine in the product, that also increases healthy blood circulation. And after just a week of use my skin is noticeably more plump and radiant which I was so excited to see! Now, I am almost through my first jar- and I am hooked.

The price tag on La Potion Infinie isn't cheap, but I think it's a luxury item that's worth the splurge because the quality of the ingredients is easily detected. When your talking about anti-aging results, there is a level of expectation that must be met, and this potion exceeds it.

You can read more about the ingredients and the company at their site, and you can purchase La Potion Infinie at Net-A-Porter. Thanks for stopping by! Next week I'll be highlighting my favorite anti-age serum and sharing a new hair tutorial.

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Courtesy sample products of La Potion Infinie were provided to The Beauty Snoop 
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