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Two things: 1) I have HUGE teeth. 2) I am addicted to Diet Coke (in fact I am drinking one as I type) Put 'em together and you have a recipe for large stained teeth... and who wants that!?! Not me.

For almost a year now I have been looking for a teeth whitening system that works, that's affordable and that I could be excited to share with you guys. But to be honest it has been a serious disappointment trying to find something that meets all of my criteria. I have tried whitening pens, DIY pinterest shenanigans, and of course store bought systems from the big names in oral care. But everything came up short and since I try to keep my blog positive, I have just said nothing at all, because I couldn't say anything nice.

A couple weeks ago, I got wind of a new name in whitening, so of course I wanted to try them on my quest to find the holy grail of pearly whites. Lumist is an at home system that promises to make whitening easy using undetectable strips. And while I wouldn't say they are completely stealth (my lisp while wearing them gives me away in a instant!) they are pretty magnificent, and I'll tell you why.

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Right away you can tell these strips are different from all others because they are much thicker, and more rigid. This is huge because you are never worried about flimsy plastic sliding, folding or wiggling off your teeth.

The strip is somewhat stretchy and takes the shape of your teeth for a custom fit. This is seriously the best part for me because I struggle with yellowing in the edges of my teeth near the gums and spaces between the teeth. Other strips I have tried lay flat across the surface of the teeth so they only whiten the flattest parts. Lumist strips mold to your mouth, so after you've applied the strip you can go back and use your finger/nail to trace the outline of your teeth and press the strip into the recesses... and it stays! It is really impressive, I don't know how they do it... but I love it!

Next, you go about your business for 1-2 hours while wearing the strip (I find post- dinner TV watching to be the perfect activity) and you can even drink while wearing them with no problem. Lumist says you can wear the strips for up to 5 days in a row without any harm or pain, and I have to agree that these did not cause any sensitivity for me, unlike some others that I have tried that would give me 'zinging' sensations. ouch.

I wore 4 strips over the course of 6 days to get my results, and I am thrilled with the way my teeth have lightened up nicely especially around my gums. I'll definitely be repurchasing these, and I am so happy to have found them.  You can check out my before and after in the pic above- I tried really hard to get the lighting the same in both pics so the color is true. (If you're wondering about those couple bright spots on my teeth, those are marks from my braces as a kid- nothing to do with the whitening)

Since I was so excited about finding Lumist- I asked them if I could hook up my readers with a sweet giveaway... and they were so kind to oblige. So I am giving away FIVE whitening kits- Wahoo!!! Enter using the rafflecopter entry form below. The first 2 entries are required and the rest are bonus entries. Thanks for reading and Good luck! Now go brush your teeth.

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Courtesy sample products of Lumist were provided to The Beauty Snoop
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