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Salt sprays have really found their place amongst the giants of the hair care world, and for good reason. They mimic that 'just-left-the-beach' hair without the sticky and sandy leftovers. And while women with natural curl know the great benefits of salt sprays- there are also a few lesser known uses for the stuff that will leave you wishing you had known sooner.

Add major volume to your blow dry
While the most common use for sea sprays is to scrunch texture into your waves or curls, my favorite way to use salt spray is to spritz it in at the roots prior to my blow dry. The salt formula gives great flexible hold, and unlike gels, they are easily brushed through and never flake. Apply 8-10 sprays to your damp roots then blow dry as normal and use your fingers or a brush to lift and give volume to the crown of the head. *Extra tip for volume- After you've dried the hair completely gather it all onto the top of your head in a high loose with a Spin Pin or scrunchy to avoid leaving indents in the hair. The roots will cool in an upward direction, then when you release the bun after 10-15 minutes you'll have great lift from the scalp.

Skip the shower one extra day
You know I love my dry shampoos, but salt sprays also work great to keep roots grease free. Like in the step above, applying the formula to your roots prior to your blow dry not only gives volume, but the salt is also good at soaking up excess moisture in the hair. On day 2-3 of your blowout you can reapply the salt spray to the roots and hit it again with your blowdryer to give the hair a good pick me up and give you one extra day without washing. Scented sea sprays also help deodorize dirty hair.

Create waves you never knew you had
If you have straight or only slightly wavy hair, you can fake it with the help of a salt spray. On dry hair, lightly spritz the lengths with your salt spray (not too much) then use a wide tooth comb to disperse the product evenly. Next take large sections of hair, usually only 2-3 are needed for your whole head, and loosely braid the sections down to the ends. Secure each braid with a hair tie- then break out your blowdryer and apply low warm heat to the braids until the salt spray is dry and the braid is heated through. Wait at least 10 minutes for the braid to cool completely and for the waves to set. Remove the ties and carefully finger through the braids to undo them. Finally scrunch in some hair spray for added hold and you'll look beach worthy in no time.

Just keep in mind that hair that is air dried with salt spray will likely clump into cluster pieces, which is great for natural curl. But to use the spray in the above mentioned techniques you'll need to brush through the hair while applying heat to get a soft clump-free finish.

What is your favorite Salt Spray? Let me know in the comments below and I'll be sure to check it out. My top picks are in the image above, you'll love all of them- just decide which factor is most important to you, then shop accordingly for either most curl/hold, best for volume, or yummiest scent. Thanks for reading, be sure you're signed up for email so you never miss a SNOOP STORY.

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