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How to wear purple eye makeup

1- FLOWER Beauty Creme Eyeshadow [Orchid-ing Around]
2- Maybelline Color Tattoo [Painted Purple]
3- FLOWER Beauty Eyeshadow Chubby [Keep Your Pansies On]
8- Maybelline Expert Wear Shadow Quad [Lavender Smokes] 
9- NYX Baked Shadow [Violet Smoke]
10- NYX Creme Shadow [Deep Purple]
11- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil [Lavender] 
12- *Not pictured, but still fabulous Almay Color Softies [Lilac]

Hello Snoopers! Today I am back on Studio5 talking about this seasons hottest color in eye makeup... Violet Tulip. You may have heard that Pantone named Radiant Orchid the color of the year, but you may not be aware that they also name 10 colors per season as well. These 10 colors show up in our fashion magazines, on the store racks, and in beauty looks as well.

And while Radiant Orchid is beautiful, it is quite a pinky shade of purple that isn't quite as easy to find or wear when it comes to makeup. Her sister shade Violet Tulip however, is stunning for winter/spring and is easily one of the most flattering makeup colors universally.

Check out my guide to wearing Violet Tulip in the video clip below and then get your booty over to these links above to pick up your own perfect shade of purple.

Tips for wearing Violet Tulip:

1- Start with creme shadows if purple makes you nervous. The creme formula is more forgiving and is blendable and spreadable for a much longer time before it sets in place. You can use your finger to smudge cremes which gives you more control over the pressure and allows you know exactly where the product is being placed. Start with a small amount, you can always layer and add more to give a brighter pop of color. If you're a makeup maven, then feel free to use powder shadows- just be sure your precise with the application so your purple doesn't run with the wind!

2- Keep purple lower than the crease of your eyelid. To avoid looking cray-zy focus the color on either the lash line or the crease, but always remember to never let purple venture up towards the brow bone. This will keep the color more 'hidden' and will give a beautiful revealing effect when you blink your lids.

3- For a mature look (if your eyes have more 'wisdom' in them) keep the shadows glitter-free. Glitter and shimmer should be reserved for a younger lady and for night time events. To wear purples during the day, keep them matte and pair them with complimentary neutrals like taupe and navy blue. Muted purples are a great option too, so look for tones that have grey or pink in them to subdue the purple tone slightly.

Remember that purple is an accent and works nicely with other colors. You certainly can go all-out with this look and wear a whole eye of purple, but there is no need to. Pair your purple with neutrals or just use purple on one portion of the eye, and you'll still get the wow factor without going over the top.

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