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Oscar Blandi, Bumble & Bumble, Lush- Dry shampoo powder review

A couple weeks back on my latest segment over at Studio 5, I mentioned my LOVE for Dry Shampoo Powders. To my surprise a lot of you commented that you had never heard of or tried a powder version, and that you would like to. Who wouldn't!?!

So today, I've rounded up my top three Dry Shampoo Powders, so that you can make the best choice when your trying to decide on the one that fits your needs. But first, a little comparison of powders versus sprays... On my segment, I told Brooke that I had a hard time picking a winner between the two, because they are both life savers and really one of my favorite beauty inventions in the last 10 years. But when it comes down to performance- the powders last longer and absorb more. Spray options tend to be quicker on the application, and offer more scents and colors- which are all great qualities... but they tend to break down faster and loose their umph about 6 hours after application. So if staying power is what your after, try a powder version instead. And finally, the powder versions will last you much longer per bottle, in my experience about twice as long as a typical bottle of aerosol because you hardly need any to get the job done.

Best Application- Oscar Blandi Pronto
I have been using the Pronto Powder for YEARS- it was my first discovery and it has never let me down. The applicator uses a funneled nozzle which makes it so much easier to get the powder right down to the scalp where it's really needed. The powder is very white and is a larger size that the two others, so be cautious when applying to avoid looking like you just walked through a flour war. That means you need to keep the surface layer free from powder, so a 1/2 below your part on either side is where you start applying. But if your looking for MAJOR oil absorption- this guy is boss!

Best Blend- Bumble & bumble Pret a Powder
This powder is new to the B&b line and I much prefer it to their spray powders any day! The powder itself is extremely finely milled so it blends and disappears into the hair seamlessly. Even dark haired beauties will love this stuff, and you'll never worry about looking chalky. The scent is light and fresh and it leaves hair deodorized brilliantly. The application can be a little tricky because the hole in the top can get plugged especially on a full bottle- but a few shakes get things moving along nicely and you don't need to worry about over applying with this formula.

Best Natural Option (and scent) Lush No Drought
You pretty much cannot go wrong with any Lush products in my book, but the fresh citrus scent of this dry shampoo will take you to the groves of a picturesque grapefruit orchard. If organic is important to you then this option is right up your alley. Lush prides itself on vegan beauty products and offers an array of awesome options. There is no doubt... I love No Drought! (ha, it had to be done!) The application is similar to the options above, but if your ever worried about using too much- try placing a dime size into your hands, dispersing it, and then applying that to your hair instead.

I hope this has taught you a little more about the dry shampoo options out there, and that you'll branch out into the land of powders next time you need a little lift. Thanks so much for reading, and be sure to follow along on instagram for more fun.

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