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Lip Scrub Products, Sara Happ, Bliss Fabulips, Fresh Lip Polish, Bite Lip Scrub Review
Fresh Sugar Lip Polish  |  Bliss Fabulips Scrub  |  Bite Whipped Lip Scrub  |  Sara Happ The Lip Scrub

Lately my lips have been through the ringer- frigid cold air and lots of wind, mixed with dry indoor heaters, make for seriously parched lips. It is one of my biggest [beauty] pet peeves, but I have learned to concur the winter weather with the brilliance that is... LIP SCRUBS.

If you've never used a lip scrub, let me give you the 411. Lip scrubs are usually composed of a granulated sugar and moisturizing essential oils of some kind. The sugar granules gently slough off the dead skin on the lips, while the oils repair and replace lost moisture. The combo is perfection, and you'll be surprised what a difference it makes for the softness and appearance of your lips. No amount of lip balm can do what a scrub can, and that's a fact.

The one that started it all is the Lip Scrub from Sara Happ. She introduced scrubs specific for lips about 5 years ago, and the industry has grown ever since. The Sara Happ line consists of amazing flavors including Peach, Peppermint, Blood Orange and more! They are so yummy, I swear you'll want to eat the whole jar. But don't.

Others that I love are the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish and Bliss Fabulips Scrub, both are great options and have luxury oils infused in the formulas. The last one pictured is by the new line BITE, and to be honest I haven't tried their scrub yet, but their lipsticks have recently rocked my world so I can't imagine the scrub is anything less than amazing!

Since I discovered the amazing results of lip scrubs, I have since started experimenting with making my own too. Next week, I'll give you my favorite recipe so you can join in on the fun! xoxo

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