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If you've been feeling the Spring time itch when it comes to your hair- you are not alone! Spring is when we see the most drastic changes happen at the salon, and it's for good reason. As the weather warms we want to see new life, both in the garden, and within our own appearance. Today I am stopping by Studio5 to highlight 3 Spring hair trends that are easy to accomplish for the every day women, but that still give a much needed newness to your routine.

You can watch the segment here to get all the details on these looks.

Cut Trend: the LOB
While the LOB has been around a few years now, it really isn't going anywhere! This cut is flattering on virtually anyone and works well with a variety of hair textures. Key factors here are to remember that the length needs to sit near the shoulders or collarbone. And that the perimeter of the cut should be fairly weighted near the bottom edge, meaning that there are not too many layers cut away. A LOB can still be worn in a ponytail which is really a great feature, and the cut can be grown out quite easily without going through that awkward in-between phase.

Color Trend: Balayage [ball-ee-oj]
This french technique has also been around for many years, but it has recently come into new focus with the ever growing love for ombre coloring, where the roots are darker and lighten gradually towards the ends. It's a free hand technique where the stylist paints on a lightener following the natural direction of the hair. The result is different that traditional highlights that are patterned and symmetrical- which gives a consistent color from root to tip.  Balayage gives a more organic sun-kissed look that is beautifully subtle. Just remember this technique is only for going lighter, not darker. Be sure to mention this technique when booking your appointment at the salon, so they are sure to schedule you with a stylist who's been trained in the process.

Style Trend: the Sleek Pony
I have to admit that I am thrilled to see the return of the sleek pony tail this season! I have craved a break form the messy look for some time now, and with this tip you can still achieve the look without sacrificing the volume you love. Start by separating your hair into two sections: the first should start just above your ears, near the temple and angle up to the crown to form a large U-shaped parting in the front of your hair. Clip that out of the way, then secure the remaining hair into a sleek pony, and focus on keep the sides tight. Release the top section and add any teasing you may need to give extra volume in the crown. Take a boar-bristle comb and smooth the hair back towards the center, and join it with the first pony, securing it with a second elastic. Finally slide the tail of your comb underneath the top section horizontally, and then gently lift up the pieces forming a rounded arc of hair in the front for added pop.

Thanks for stopping by today, be sure and follow along with me on instagram for even more inside snoop! Which one of these Spring trends are you going to try? xoxo

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