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It Cosmetics, Tarte Cosmetics, Bare Essentials makeup brushes

When it comes to makeup application, there is a HUGE deciding factor in the results you'll get: the tools. I think 50% of a good makeup application, comes from the brushes that were used to put on the products, and 50% comes from the actual products themselves. Surprising? Maybe. Especially if you've never paid much attention to the tools you use- but if you have discovered the difference between good and GREAT, then you'll know exactly what I am talking about.

Good brushes are soft at the beginning, then stiffen rapidly over time. Good brushes keep their bristles in tact until their first washing when many bristles come loose and end up sticking to your face. Good brushes wash out, but the makeup never seems to completely leave the bristles.

GREAT brushes walk all over the facts from above- and they last months and years longer because of it. Not to mention the application they give is more precise, and more consistent every time. Yes, they cost more too- but it's worth it... promise.

What's even better than GREAT makeup brushes? Duel sided GREAT makeup brushes, that's what!

Above in the pic are my top picks for quality duel sided brushes- they are the VIP list when everything else is general admission. Get what I'm saying?

It Cosmetics Duel Sided Foundation Brush- This guy is the Macgyver of foundation and concealer brushes. It works for any type of foundation: cream, liquid or powder. And the compactness of the bristles is a perfect blend of either high coverage application or light weight. The smaller end is perfect for concealer work under the eyes or around the nose. It washes beautifully and bristle shedding is very minimal.

Bare Essentials Double Ended Precision Brush- This brush will be your new best friend because it eliminates the need for about 10 other shadow brushes. The larger side is soft yet compact and great for applying your lid colors and blending out pigments. The smaller side is for your detail work across the lash line, in the crease, and under the brow. It can be used wet or dry and gives you the control of a liner brush, but the flexibility of a contour brush. Genius!

Tarte Cosmetics Two Sided Contour Brush- Move over blush-brush... the new kid in town is all about highlight and contour, and this brush is the perfect pairing of both. Tarte has become a new favorite of mine, and their brushes are no exception. On one end you get a chiseled domed brush that's ideal for contouring under the cheekbones and down the sides of the nose for a major slimming effect. The other side hosts a looser angle brush that is made for blending, softening and applying your highlighters to the prominent areas of the face.

Aren't these double-sided work horses just uh-mazing!?! I think you'll be smitten with them as well. Thanks for stopping by today- here's hoping it's a beautiful week.

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