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A while back I rounded out some of my favorite beauty finds that I discovered via Birchbox. You can see that post here if your interested. Among the list was a lipstick crayon that I was smitten with because of its beautiful texture and its minty smell and taste. The brand was Mirenesse which I had never heard of before... why? because it's a company based in Australia.

I dream of visiting Australia one day, but until then I guess I will have to settle for their exports, specifically Mirenesse! Since my lipstick find, I've also ordered a dozen or so other products from the company and have really been impressed with all of them. My favorites however, I wanted to share with you- just incase you were looking for an award winning product or two for your own collection.

Glossy Kiss - These lipstick crayons are my favorite out there. It seems like every makeup brand has jumped on the band wagon with their own chubby crayons, but the texture of this one is much more like a traditional lipstick, so I find the color payoff to be much more bold. Love all the way around!

Marble Blush - I love a blush with different tones in it, it just seems a little more natural on the cheeks with some variation in tones. The built in highlighter gives a gorgeous yet subtle sheen, making it a well rounded product that doesn't need a thousand companion products layered with it.

Gel Face Color - You know me and my obsession with creme shadows... but these little pots of pigment go a step beyond. The gel formula works for a shadow and spreads really well, but it also works great as a liner applied with a brush. There is a brush included in the packaging for just that, but I still opt for an angle liner brush myself. The colors are stunning, and I want them all!

Secret Weapon Mascara - This stuff has won more awards than those pageant kids on TV. It's cult following status in Australia clearly does all the talking. In fact all of Mirenesses' Mascaras have one a beauty award at some point in time, so they've clearly got the science figured out on this one! It's not cheap, but it's not your grandmas mascara either.

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