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Round brush hot rollers for mega volume, detachable handle round brush

Raise your hand if you love BIG hair!?!
I certainly do. In fact my nickname in high school was 'Texas'- due to my love of BIG, BLONDE Hair. And while I don't rock the platinum blonde hair anymore, I still feel a little more girly and bouncy when I am sporting some major volume in the locks department. (Love to any texan ladies out there!)

At the salon, one of the number one complaints I hear from clients is about their lack of volume. It's a problem for a lot of women. I wrote a post about the perfect recipe for major volume here, but you can replace the brush and traditional rollers with these all new bad-boys of blowouts: round brush hot rollers.

What are they? Round brushes with detachable handles that give you the ability to keep the brush in place while the hair cools. I picked these up about 5 months ago and took them for a test spin at the salon. They were fab so I snagged a second set for my own use at home. 
You use the brush just as you would any other round brush while blow drying your hair. The center is made of ceramic plating, so it heats up with the hot air put out by your dryer. After the hair is 70% dried, you can roll the brush down to the scalp with a decent amount of tension- then press the release button to disconnect the handle. Now its a hot roller, waalaa! Blast the rollers with additional heat until dry. Keep the rollers in while you finish your makeup, and once cool, remove the rollers for some 'holy-hannah-that's-big-texas-hair!' 

Most sets like this that I've seen come with 5-6 rollers which is enough for a whole head. I tend to just use a couple on my trouble areas like the crown and bangs. Either way the results last much longer because the cooling stage locks in the lift. You can get true blowout results at home, especially after a little practice. My set is made by Bioionic which is a professional line sold at salons, but I found virtually the same type of system by Click n' Curl here in two different barrel sizes. (plus there is a handy video to see it in action!)

Who is coming to Texas with me?
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