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Eeek! I am freaking out- if only you could see my ridiculous expression as I type this!
Today Allure Magazine announced the finalists in this years Beauty Blogger of the Year Awards, and guess what!?!

I am one of them!

Holy amazing-ness, I could not be more thrilled, humbled, and terrified all at the same time.

What are the beauty blogging awards, you ask? Well basically it's like the 'Surviver' of the blogging world. Each week, for the next five weeks, we will be competing in a series of blogging challenges. The challenges are voted on by you guys, as well as judged by a panel of editors at Allure, and one celebrity guest judge each week.

At the end of each challenge, there will be a winner declared- and one or more bloggers will be eliminated. [sad face.] At the end of the five weeks, one blogger is crowned Beauty Blogger of the Year, and she wins a trip to NYC to be photographed and interviewed for the October issue of the magazine. WOWZA!

I'll need all the help I can get to stay in the race- I am up against some awesome fellow bloggers. Be sure you check them all out too, and vote for your favorites each week at The fun starts on Monday. 

Hugs and thank you's to you all for helping me get this chance!

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