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Colored Clay Foundation and Foundcealer use the natural minerals found in the Amazon
Well folks, the love affair continues.
I have found another Tarte product that I cannot stop loving on- and who can blame me? This stuff is magic in my eyes. [Cue the swooning here]

The Colored Clay collection from Tarte is brand new technology that harnesses natural sun baked minerals found in the Amazon jungle. The clay is layered in the earth, and is naturally colored in amazing tones that range from green to purple! Mother nature is just showing off I think. Anyways- the clay is finely milled into a dust and then added to the foundations to give a color-correcting blend of goodness.

A few weeks ago I highlighted the Tarte Colored Clay Liquid Foundation in this video. So I won't go into too much detail here- but this option is a high coverage liquid with a silky texture that's a little more dewey when applied to the face. My only negative about this one, is the container that it comes in. It has a mesh filter in the opening which helps you to pick up only the amount of product you actually need, but once the product is running low- it becomes hard to access the last bits. I just end up cutting the mesh out and scooping with my finger. Classy.

Above is a pic of me in my natural bare face. This is scary, and I hate to post it- but I can't just tell you about my acne at some point I have to show you, right? The middle pic is with foundation only (the Tarte Foundcealer in Light) and I think you can see what a good job it does of neutralizing the redness in my skin and giving me a much healthier looking tone. The final pic on the right is with additional concealer on my scars and zits, as well as contour to visually camouflage the bumps. I also added blush to complete the look.

If you like the idea of a mousse-ier type foundation, then the Tarte Colored Clay Foundcealer option may be right for you. It comes in a tube and gives a more matte finish that looks more like airbrushed powder when dry. I like this version when my complexion more clear and I don't need as much camouflage.

Both are AMAZING products that I cannot stop buying or loving. So I hope that they find a home in your makeup bag too! You can get them both for a better value on QVC in value packs that include brushes!

The Allure Beauty Blogger contest kicks off on Monday- be sure you check out all the fun beauty challenges, and P.S. I would love your vote to keep me in the running!

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