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Kinara moisturizer, Frank body scrub, Arvazallia Argon Mask review

I finally feel like Summer is officially upon us- even though it's still a few weeks away from Memorial Day. I tend to get Summer-ready a tad too early each year, and then get a rude awakening when a Spring snow storm plays a trick on me!

So, bring it on winter trickster- because today I am kicking off my SUMMER ESSENTIALS SERIES with a look at my top picks for hydration.

Keep in mind that hydration is a deeper level of moisture for the skin and hair. Often I think the terms are used incorrectly, although they are similar of course. Think of it like the difference between dumping a liter of water on your body (moisture) and drinking a liter of water (hydration). 

I'm not telling you to drink any of these products of course, but these are all products that give deeper hydration results. And when the weather warms up hydration is key!

Arvazallia Hydrating Argan Oil Mask: It's no secret that Argan oil is one of my favorite beauty ingredients- I have been reviewing a lot of oil filled products lately. Arvazallia's mask has a different texture than the others I have tried- and I love it! It has a much thicker more solid consistency, kinda similar to that of coconut oil in its raw form. But then as you apply your body heat it melts into a luxury cream. I like this mask on my dry ends because I am not worried about it dripping off on to the floor. It stays put without sliding and really gives the hair an amazing shine, while repairing dry damaged ends. Anyone who is spending time at the beach or pool- needs to add a mask to their Summer routine about once per week. (I just started using treatment oil on my split ends too every time I blowdry) Both are 60% off on amazon right now!

Frank Coffee Scrub: Ok- this company is hilarious and a little irreverent... just take one look at their website and you'll know what I mean! They use witty marketing to get your attention, but the product speaks for itself and keeps you coming back. My skin always looks like it's been freeze-dried this time of year... do you relate? Lack of color, moisture or any pampering all winter takes a toll on this mountain-dweller. But Frank saves the day. It's a dry ingredient (you add the water) coffee scrub that moisturizes and exfoliates like no other scrub I've tried. Yes, it's hella messy and smells like coffee- but the natural ingredients like Almond Oil leave your skin glowing and perfectly smooth for outdoor season. If you have stretch-marks, cellulite or psoriasis too, Frank also does amazing things to diminish the appearance. Check it out, and thank me later!

Kinara Weightless Hydrator: When it's hot outside that last thing I need is for my makeup to slowly make its way down my face before 10am. Switching to a light weight moisturizer is the key to combating the makeup meltdown. BUT, and that's a big but- I have a hard time finding one that is lightweight (meaning thin and absorbs quickly) but still quenches the dryness without the need for 10 layers. Kinara weightless moisturizer does just that, and then some. It's packed with super high quality ingredients like oat extract that help absorb oil and calm irritation while still adding much needed hydration. The gel/cream combo is genius and I am never worried about clogged pores because I can still feel my skin breathing through the product. Love!

Stay tuned for more in my SUMMER ESSENTIALS SERIES, and don't forget to vote in the last week of the Allure Beauty Blogger contest here. See ya!
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*sample products were requested by the beauty snoop and provided by each brand for this series. 
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