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Today I am excited to bring you a fun collaboration post with my girl Serein of Dress Yourself Happy. Serien and I were both contestants in the Allure blogger awards, and now that the craziness of the competition is winding down, we wanted to share a fun post with you all about our favorite (and not-so-favorite) eye shadow palettes.

Connet with Serein on Instagram // Twitter
If you follow any youtube vloggers, you'll often see them creating videos that answer a series of questions, then they TAG another youtuber to create their own video to answer the questions as well... It's like this generations' version of a chain letter- and it's really fun! The eye shadow palette TAG is currently floating around the beauty world, so today I'm answering the questions here on my blog, and you can check out Serein's palette TAG video here.

Best Packaging: Marc Jacobs Eye Con No.7 I've raved about the MJ packaging before, it's just simply stunning and so high quality. The details are perfection and you feel like you've got a classic piece of makeup jewelry that could be passed down because it will last that long.

Best Color Payoff: Too Faced Pretty Rebel Too Faced shadows are very pigmented, and this palette has been my favorite one I've purchased from the brand. The hot pink is surprisingly wearable, and the midnight blue is my smokey eye go-to color every time. For a more subtle look I love to combine to two peachy colors- but even those are packed with color. Bam!

Most Versatile: POPS Perfect Palette  POPS is a much smaller brand than the others I've listed- in fact it was developed in my home town! But the mineral pigments are my favorite because they can transition into a loose powder shadow or blush, a wet finish (for eyeliner), even a lipstick by adding your favorite gloss to the color. Completely versatile and totally unique!

Best For Travel: Wet n' Wild Color Icon I love the Color Icon shadows anyway- but beyond their amazing consistency and blend-ability, the price on these is too good to be true. Heaven forbid your makeup were to get lost or stolen on a trip, but if it did replacing these palettes would be a snap.

Biggest Regret: Dior 5 Color Shadow Oh, this one is sad. I've decided that Dior lip products are amazing and never let me down- but this eye shadow was really disappointing to me, and it costs a pretty penny. I'll stick to the lips and ditch the eyes when it comes to Dior.

Best Color Names: TheBalm Nude'Tude This was too easy to pick- TheBalm products all have hilarious names and images with every product. Seriously, I smirk every time I pick one of these guys up. But their products are not only funny, they are awesome to say the least! The Nude'Tude palette speaks my language with sassy shadow names like, 'Stubborn' 'Stand-Offish' and 'Snobby'.

Least Used: Sephora Academy Blockbuster This gargantuan palette was given to me as a gift- and while the thought was lovely (and the shadows are B- quality) the size of the thing is ridiculous and I simply never use it. The case is like a Rubiks cube of drawers and compartments, and I just don't ever think of it until I am cleaning out my collection, and then yep- there it is.

Most Used/ Desert Island Must Have: Tarte Amazonian Clay Shadow Palette Ok, are you sick of me loving on Tarte makeup yet? Sorry. It's just so good- and I haven't been let down ever. This QVC exclusive palette is so pretty, the pigment is soft yet vibrant- and the shimmery shades are just right without looking too disco. I feel like the colors are everyday wearable, and get equal amount of use. To sum up- I use this palette 70% off the time. Yay!

Hope one of these palettes finds its' way into your makeup routine! Thanks for stopping by today, xo And don't forget to jump over to Serein's TAG video here, she has some amazing picks!

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