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Pack your beach tote with these essentials

2- Evian Mineral Water Facial Spray - so good for pool side cool downs & moisture
3- Aviator Sunnies
4- Betsey Johnson Polka Dot Swimsuit - so flattering!
5- Hourglass Tinted Moisture SPF15 - a hint of tint and sunscreen all in one
6- Ecru Acacia Shampoo & Conditioner - amazing for removing chlorine and salt
7- Beach Tote
8- Travalo Perfume Companion -use any perfume you already have and take it on the go!
9- Sun Hat - oh the stripes... floppy perfection

Has the warm weather finally settled in where you live? Things are heating up quickly in my neck of the woods, and although I'd love to hit the beach this Summer- it's looking like trips to the local pool with my littles will be as close as I get.

Enter: my beach bag essentials! I swear I pack enough for a small army every time I go to the pool, but I live by the motto 'it's better to be safe than sorry'. You never know when you'll bump into an ex boyfriend... and who wants to be all splotchy & dry-skinned in a time like that!?! Not me!

Plus when I go to the pool, I want to be comfortable so that I can get the most out of my day. Moisture is the key to comfort when you are near water- so stocking up on hydration rich products is a must do. I have been obsessed with that Evian spray for almost 10 years, and never go swimming without it. The Baby Lips Dr.+ formula is so good at quenching parched lips, plus it adds a hint of color without screaming 'I have makeup on at the pool!' Likewise, the Hourglass Tinted Moisturizer helps to even out your face, protect from the sun and combat the drying effects of salt and sweat. Don't forget to hit the showers post swim and get any chlorine out ASAP! The Ecru Acacia line is super rich and repairing, but still cleanses thoroughly. And lastly- take your favorite fragrance with you for post-swim freshness. These Travalo perfume buddies are so cool, you can fill them with any perfume by popping off the sprayer on your full size bottle, then just insert the straw into the bottom of your Travelo and simply pump the fragrance from one bottle into the next.

Stay cool friends! xo
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