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I'll never forget the time I vacationed to Palm Springs one summer just after high school, in early June. It was my first time to that part of California, and I quickly learned that 'I wasn't in Kansas anymore'  when I stepped out of the airport and was met with a wall of heat unlike anything I had ever experienced before!

As I literally felt the makeup melting off of my face I thought two things: 1) remind me to never visit Palm Springs during the summer months again, and 2) there has to be a better way to apply makeup when it's hot.

A decade later, I still haven't been back to Palm Springs later in the year than April- and I still change my routine in the warmer months to prevent makeup landslides. Here are five quick tips that you can use to help your makeup hold up during the hottest months of the year. 

1- Exfoliate in the PM
I honestly learned this technique on a fluke. I am a pretty regular exfoliator, but sometimes I get lazy in the summer usually because I am staying up much later, then I fall into bed without going through my whole skincare routine. After a couple weeks of skipping the scrub step, I realized that my makeup was breaking down much more quickly than usual and I was looking greasy by 4pm.

The culprit? Clogged pores and dead skin cells. My skin wasn't able to breath- causing major oil buildup on my face. That led to a break down of the makeup with a reckless abandon. As soon as I added the scrub back into my nightly (2 times per week) routine, my makeup adhered to my skin better and resisted the elements of heat and humidity much better. Now, I never miss this step and I hope you won't either!

* If you are wondering why I specified NIGHT time scrubbing? Because scrubbing can cause redness, so give your skin a whole 8 hours to calm and repair before applying makeup. Try Beautisol Exscrub Me?

2- Switch to a gel moisturizer
Cream moisturizers often leave a sheen on the skin that doesn't absorb into the skin for many hours. That glossy finish, although radiant, won't do you any favors when combating humidity, heat and sweat. A gel moisturizer will absorb into the skin much quicker and is light and refreshing with a matte finish. My current favorite is Garnier Moisture Rescue for Dry Skin

3- Wait 10 minutes post moisturizer before applying anything else
After reading #2 above this step should be a no brainer, but here is the expanded version: apply your gel moisturizer to a clean face in the AM. Then give your face a solid 10 minutes to absorb the gel fully. This is a great time to work on your hair, check your social feeds (which hopefully include yours truly! #shamelessplug) or get dressed. Finally, continue with your makeup application.

4- Set first with spray
Once you've completed your beautiful face canvas, set your masterpiece with a makeup setting spray. I love NYX Matte Finish in the Summer months (I choose their Dewey finish in the winter) because it works great and is totally affordable. Think of this step as hairspray for your face. Neat-O

5- Set second with powder
And finally hit your T-zone with an extra dose of translucent powder for major oil control and staying power. You can also reapply midday for bonus power, if needed. My go to? Urban Decay De-slick Mattifying Powder

Hope these tips help you stay fresh all day long. Got any meltdown tips of your own? Let me know in the comments below, xo And don't forget to enter my huge Summer Beauty Box giveaway here!

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